Call for Expression of Interest (EOI) For Partnership With National Entity For Operation of Menstrual Hygiene Product Manufacturing Facility

Project Background:
ACTED has been fundraising for implementing activities tackling period poverty/menstrual hygiene issues. As a part of this, ACTED plans to support a community-based entity to set up a manufacturing facility for the production of menstrual hygiene products in Tripoli. The project will provide support for equipment and raw materials, as well as staffing support for operations and sales for 3 months. ACTED will additionally support the selected entity by preparing and organizing awareness sessions for women in local communities on menstrual health and hygiene.

Objective of the Call for Expression of Interest:

ACTED is seeking expression of interest from local entities interested in operating the facility for production of menstrual hygiene products. The local entity may include NGOs/SMEs/Cooperatives or other types of organizations with registration in Lebanon. ACTED will transfer in-kind assets including equipment and raw materials to the local entity. Further, trainings will also be provided on operation and maintenance of the equipment. Additional support may also be provided to cover overheads. Finally, ACTED will support in identifying and recruiting workers for operation and sales for a period of 3 months.

Scope of the Project:

The manufacturing facility will be located in Tripoli. Therefore, entities applying are requested to describe presence in this city, and provide examples of previous work implemented in this or similar areas.

Targets To Be Achieved:

ACTED will work with the entity in setting up monthly production targets. A percentage of the produced items may also be distributed to vulnerable households in the area. ACTED will also work with a consultant to support the entity in setting price points for the manufactured products which should be affordable to vulnerable community groups with limited income

How to apply

Selection Criteria

2-3 entities will be selected in the first round. Additional entities may be selected based on funding availability. Following face-to-face meetings, selected entities are expected to develop a detailed business plan and a sustainability plan for continued operation of the facility after completion of the project in December 2021, based on budgetary and other details provided by ACTED. One final entity will be chosen for project implementation based on this final business plan.

The following criteria will be applied while selecting the entity:

  • The entity must have appropriate registrations and legal documentations in Lebanon. (Note: ACTED is not liable for any tax implications from operation of the facility or final sale of the products. The entity is expected to manage tax and other requirements in country)
  • Entities with previous successful experience operating a social business/for-profit initiative will be prioritized.
  • The entity is willing to work with ACTED and suppliers to establish a sustainability plan for continued operation of the facility after the end of the project.
  • The entity has the ability to assign a manager dedicated to liaising with ACTED and its suppliers and for ensuring proper set up of the facility.
  • Entities with demonstrated presence in Tripoli (including existing facilities for establishing production line) will be prioritized. ACTED may provide support for rental costs up to 3 months.
  • Entities with expertise on Mensural hygiene issues/gender/SRHR issues in Lebanon will be prioritized.
  • Entity is neutral, independent, impartial and is guided by the humanitarian principles.
  • Women-led entities will be prioritized.


How to express Interest

Interested entities are requested to send the following documents to [email protected] with the email title “NAME OF YOUR ORGANIZATION – Menstrual Hygiene Project EOI”.

  1. A cover letter explaining expertise and interest in running the facility.
  2. Appropriate registration documents for the entity.
  3. Proof of previous experience successfully operating a social business/for-profit initiative – may include brochures, website links, business plans, tax records etc.
  4. Proof of previous experience working on menstrual hygiene/gender/SRHR issues.
  5. CV of key personnel that will be involved in operating the facility.

Please send the above documents, as well as other supporting documents as relevant to the email address provided above on or before June 16th. Note that final grant may be contingent on additional verification by ACTED including development of a detailed business plan.

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