Execution of a community intervention in Central & West Bekaa in Lebanon - call for Concept Papers

IOM Lebanon’s community stabilization programming in Central & West Bekaa seeks to enhance targeted local communities’ resilience and strengthen local government and civil society’s capacity to respond to priority needs, mitigate tensions and avoid the escalation of conflict. Through a series of community-based interventions centered on revitalization of essential infrastructure and service provision conducted in close consultation with municipalities, facilitated by local NGO partners and engaging host and displaced communities, IOM Community Stabilization Programme funded by Japan seeks to enhance social cohesion and stability.

How to apply

Interested local Lebanese organizations are invited to submit their applications via email to the Procurement Unit at IOM Beirut at [email protected] by COB on 04 June 2021. No late proposal shall be accepted.


Please use the attached IOM concept paper template for your submission and note the instructions included in the template regarding the methodology, expected timeframe and funding range for the proposed interventions. 

Partners must submit all their legal documents including commercial circular along with the concept paper.


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