LOST announces a tender for the purchase of “4 tunnel green Houses” funded by BMZ.

Tender number: A 15/2021

1. General remarks and special condition: the offered tunnel green houses, must be in accordance to our specification, sound, fair and in merchantable quality.

  • The product must be available in regional stocks.
  • Part shipments are not allowed.

2. Specification / Quantity:   attached in PART C – APPENDIX E

3. Samples: samples are not required

4. Delivery date of 4 tunnel green Houses: 30/04/2021

How to apply

Conditions for submission:  only Suppliers that gots: 
Company license registration, commercial register, commercial broadcasting, certificate of registration with the Ministry of Finance and certificate of registration with Value added Tax (VAT), are allowed to participate in the tender.
10. Tender Documents:  technical and financial proposal will be shared on Daleel Madani. 
LOST request that the documents of the tender (technical and financial) proposal must be submitted by hand in closed, separated and sealed stamped envelopes, with the name of the bidder, telephone number, name and tender number attached to the Lebanese Organization for Studies and Training at its main branch in Baalbeck, Ras Al-Ain Street, Al-Lakis building, second floor- at the Secretariat’s office (secretarial).

11. Deadline for submitting tender documents: Wednesday 28/04/2021 at 16:00 PM. Any bid submitted after the closing date of the tender will be rejected.


Bid Opening:  LOST will hold a tender opening session in the presence of bidders (if they wish to attend) On Thursday 29 /04/2021, at 11:00 am, at LOST Office at Lakkis Building 2nd floor, Ras El Ein Street, Baalbek-Lebanon.


11. Payment method: Payments will be made in USD (Fresh Money – cash dollars) through banking channels to the company's account, within 1 month after receiving the original commercial invoice and the delivery note, based on the agreed terms and conditions.


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