RE TENDER NOTICE – Ramadan Food Parcels (RAM0062021)

Islamic Relief Lebanon, distributes food parcels every year during the Holy Month of Ramadan. This seasonal distribution has taken place since the office started operating in Lebanon after the 2006 war.

For Ramadan 2021, we are requesting a tender of a minimum 5,000 Food parcels (quantities are subject to increase). The items will be delivered to our distribution site in different shipments on different dates.

Deadline of submission of Tender: 19.04.2021 at 10:00 Hrs.

Tender document can be collected from the Islamic relief procurement email ,Please send the reference above (RAM0062021) to the email below to receive the tender booklet:

[email protected]


Suppliers meeting the eligibility requirements below can contact the Procurement Department on 76111438.

Eligibility Requirements
To be eligible for consideration of this tender, a tenderer should meet the following requirements:

1. Company VAT Registered and has a financial number.
2. Flexible in payments
3. Has a working experience with NGOs.
4. Clear quotation stamped and signed by the company name.
5. Samples provided with tender
6. Has a bank account by the company name and can receive external bank transfer.
7. Distribution and labor cost should be included and mentioned on the quotations.

How to apply

Submission of the tender will be in the closed tender box in the below address:

Beirut - EL Zarif - Tawfeek Tabbara building - Reception Area.

please don't forget to write down your name, phone number , email and signature on the paper found on the Tender Box.

Please don't forget to stamp and sign on the opener of the envlope when you close it. 

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