LRPS-2021-9165483 - LTA for Translation, Interpretation and Editing Services

UNICEF Lebanon is intending to establish Long-Term Arrangement(s) for Translation, Interpretation and Editing Services as stipulated in the attached tender document, Annex 1- Terms of Reference and Annex 2- Pricing List.

Hence, we hereby invite you to submit your proposal for LRPS-2021-9165483.


Please note that any inquiries related to this request will be acceptable through e-mail only ([email protected]g & [email protected]) by 11 March 2021 the latest. Inquiries through phone call will not be considered.

Kindly make sure that LRPS reference number LRPS-2021-9165483 is mentioned in your e-mail.



Attachments :


Annex 1 – Terms of Reference

Annex 2 – Pricing List


How to apply

You can quote partially for one or more of the services requested. E.g. translation only, interpretation only, translation and editing only, etc.


Proposals must be sent to the following secured email ONLY ([email protected]) no later than Wednesday 24 March 2021, 12:00h.


Proposals must be sent in two separate emails; one technical and one financial.

- Email for technical proposal:

Subject line of the email must indicate: LRPS number (LRPS-2021-9165483) - name of your company- technical proposal. The email must include: The technical proposal only without prices.


- Email for price proposal:

Subject line of the email must indicate: LRPS number (LRPS-2021-9165483) - name of your company- price proposal. The email must include: The price proposal.

Please refer to Annex 2- Pricing List for pricing. Please submit your price proposal in both; excel and signed PDF formats.


Proposals sent in another manner will be considered invalid.

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