Child protection / Safeguarding Trainer

About the project

International Alert is a leading peacebuilding NGO, with 30 years of experience in preventing violence. We have been working in Lebanon since 2008. Our thematic focus areas include peace education and non-violence education, youth participation, gender equality and addressing the underlying causes of conflict related to human rights abuses, gender inequality, social and economic exclusion and insecurity. Alert is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, young people and vulnerable adults and expects all staff to share this commitment.

The Ending Violence Against Children project aims to increase the capacity of schools and learning centres to reduce violence against children and generate evidence of the effectiveness of various approaches. It is implemented primarily in the Bekaa and Tripoli where partner organisations operate centers that offer non-formal education and psycho-social support activities. The project will generate evidence through action research on effectiveness of approaches to addressing violence against children, including school-based and learning centre-based and community-based approaches. Prevention and response to violence against children is further strengthened through supporting partner organisations and their learning centers to improve their existing capacities, update and fully adhere to child safeguarding policies.

As part of the project, an external consultant facilitated a safeguarding workshop for management staff and supported the development of a project safeguarding guidance drawing on partners’ existing policies and practice. The Safeguarding Trainer will develop and deliver training to all partners staff involved in the project to ensure the safeguarding guidance is fully implemented.


Objectives of the consultancy

The overall objective of the consultancy is to ensure that all frontline staff and other key staff working on the End Violence project are familiar with the safeguarding policy and procedures.

The specific objectives are:

To provide two 2-day trainings to 30-40 staff of Alert and its partners on child safeguarding

To provide additional support for the implementation of the safeguarding guidance to key partners.


Deliverables and level of effort

Deliverable 1 – training plans and agenda, expected to be completed in 2 days

A detailed facilitator agenda to be developed following an inception meeting with Alert and consultations with relevant Child Protection officers of the partner organisations, as well as review of the project safeguarding guidance and materials from previous trainings.


Deliverable 2 – training workshop (likely online), expected to be completed in 4 days

The training will be delivered to two groups of 15-20 participants covering the same content in the Arabic language. This is suggested due to the larger anticipated number of participants and considering that the training would likely be online. Smaller groups are suggested to ensure quality and interaction. Each training is expected to take place over 2 days and cover the following topics: Recognizing signs of abuse (can include doing risk assessments); Communication with children (verbal, non-verbal, talking about disclosures, creating an atmosphere of openness, etc. and should be very interactive); and Responding to disclosures, reports or allegations of abuse. In the preparation and delivery of the latter session on responding to disclosures, the consultant is encouraged to collaborate with the child protection officers of Alert’s partner organisations.


Deliverable 3 – additional support to individual organisations, expected to be completed in approx. 5 days

The Safeguarding Trainer will provide additional support to one of the partners – Basmeh & Zeitooneh (B&Z), which runs centres in Tripoli, Shatila and Bar Elias. The requested support includes:

Providing support on the monitoring and evaluation of the safeguarding process and policy and setting a clear M&E system, including development of tools and frequency of complaints review.

Creating a structured mainstreaming plan for the SG among B&Z projects.

Providing clear guidelines for B&Z staff on the communication of the safeguarding policy to beneficiaries including the communication with children using child friendly tools and creating a safe and open environment for caregivers

Providing support on optimizing the SG mechanism in place, in order to enhance the reporting.  

Providing support on setting  risk assessment for the implementation of the safeguarding policy with mitigation measures.


Work on this deliverable will be coordinated with B&Z Protection Manager and will include a 2 days TOT for child protection officers and 3 days desk review in coordination with the safeguarding focal point in the organization.


Deliverable 4 – Final report outlining results of training evaluations and any reflections on the process, 1 day


Trainer profile

At least 5 years of experience in child protection and safeguarding, including hands-on experience in working on child protection with children directly

Professional and educational background in child psychology, pedagogy or social work, with specific experience in handling child abuse cases

In-depth knowledge of the Lebanese context with regards to children and young people, parenting, non-formal education, psycho-social support and work with refugee children

Proven experience in delivering trainings, experience with delivery of interactive online trainings strongly preferred

Proficiency in Arabic and ability to deliver a training in Arabic

Working knowledge of English to enable document review

Ability to work both independently and as part of a team

Demonstrated ability to handle sensitive information with discretion and professionalism, including following data protection guidelines

Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines

Commitment to safeguarding and child protection.

Education degree: BA

Experience required:

5-10 years

Languages - English: Intermediate. Arabic: Excellent.

Period: The training to be completed by 10 March; and remaining deliverables by 30 April.

Compensation: Competitive price offers

How to apply

Interested individuals should submit the following documents to [email protected] not later than 23 February 2021: - An expression of interest highlighting the Consultant’s experience with similar assignments, description of his/her plans to deliver the service, and a proposed timeline - A CV of not more than 4 pages - A Financial proposal, including daily and communication/transportation fees.

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