EXTENDED !!! Expression of Interest-Provision of technical and entrepreneurial trainings to 50 young and female dairy processors in North Lebanon/GIZ/UDP_NL, M 1, Support for dairy processors

1. Background

In the framework of the Lebanese German cooperation between the government of Lebanon and the government of Germany, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) in close collaboration with the Lebanese partner ministry “Ministry of Social Affairs” (MoSA) is implementing the “Local Development Programme for Deprived Urban Areas in North Lebanon” (UDP_NL). The programme is commissioned by the Federal Republic of Germany and co-financed by the European Union.

The North Lebanon Local Development Programme for Deprived Urban Areas (UDP_NL) aims to contribute to social stability in North Lebanon, namely in Tripoli and the 5 districts of Koura, Batroun, Bcharri, Zgharta, Minieh-Dannieh. The main target groups are youth and women from vulnerable areas.

This request for Expressions of Interest (EOI) is launched to support the Modul 1 of UDP_NL which aims to contribute to more inclusive economic development. The Module is tackling poverty and unemployment by promoting income generation capacities particularly of youth and women, by supporting the development of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSME), strengthening business development services, strengthening of selected value chains and skills development

2. Objective 

This request for Expression of Interest (EoI) aims at identifying training providers who are experienced in supporting youth and women-led businesses in the dairy processing sector and who are interested in being included in a shortlist of pre-identified implementing partners. The shortlisted training providers will be asked in the next step to prepare detailed technical and financial proposals.

Support for dairy processors  

GIZ UDP_NL (2018-2021) aims at building technical and entrepreneurial capacities of 50 youth and women active in in the dairy processing sector in North Lebanon (Tripoli, Koura, Bcharri, Batroun, Minnieh-Dannieh and Zgharta) to stabilize and generate income. The processing businesses can be formal and informal artisanal/semi-artisanal, micro-, small and medium processing units of all kind of dairy products. Male youth should not exceed the age of 29 years. Women of all ages will be accepted.

The support offered should enable and capacitate dairy processors to improve the quality, hygiene and food safety of their products, decrease production cost and losses, develop their products that would meet consumer needs and market potentials under current local situation, therefore increase revenues and sustain their business.

The short-term training needs to include technical training and entrepreneurial training topics. The duration of the training needs to be at least 6 training days of 6 hours per day per beneficiary.

The trainings are supposed to be designed and implemented in a project duration of 7 months between April and October 2021.

The support will need to be conducted in North Lebanon (Tripoli, Koura, Bcharri, Batroun, Minnieh-Dannieh and Zgharta). The trainings shall include theoretical and practical elements and can be carried out partially as group trainings at training venues, but also as one-to-one coaching in the processing units of the beneficiaries. The training venue is organized by the training provider.

It should also be possible to implement the activities in a remote, virtual way to ensure the implementation despite the current restrictions of movement and contact.

3. Qualifications and Requirments 

GIZ expects the service provider to have or recruit experienced trainers and to have or develop suitable curricula/lesson plans. The training provider should also be able to organise and implement the outreach to the target group, select the participants and monitor the progress of the trainees.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Registration under the Lebanese rules and regulations as private sector company
  • Experience in the dairy value chain, especially with processing technologies and practices 
  • Experience with designing and delivering trainings on technical and entrepreneurial topics 
  • Availability of 1 Project Manager and 2 trainers for the duration of the project
  • Experience in implementing projects with international donors
  • Access to venues or training centres in the North governorate
  • Experience in development projects financed by Official development assistance (ODA)
  • Experience in North Lebanon

How to apply

4. Application Process 

The applicant shall submit the Expression of Interest (EoI) to [email protected] accompanied by copies of all the required information and documents listed below:

  • Name and contact details and a description of the legal form incl. the registration papers of the training provider
  • Names and contact details and CVs of 1 potential Project Manager and 2 potential trainers for dairy processors
  • Short track record of previous trainings conducted highlighting employment and retention rates (proven by tracer studies or surveys) of trainees.
  • A description of the portfolio of the organization and a description of the projects within the scope of the EOI and similar projects (including short project descriptions, donors/partners, amount of award, implementation period)


PLEASE note: The subject title of the email should be: GIZ/UDP_NL, M 1, Support for dairy processors.

Please note: Only applications containing the mentioned documents will be taken into consideration.

Deadline is on March 18, 2021 at 23:59 Beirut Local Time as the latest.

Type of Call: Call for Applications

Intervention Sectors: Development, Agriculture and Rural Development, Economic Development, Private Sector Development

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