Entrepreneurship training and capacity building program training

About Berytech

Berytech is a leading organization in the Entrepreneurial Eco-system in Lebanon, that aims to provide a conducive environment for the creation and development of startups, through incubation, business support, counseling, funding, networking, and the company hosting, hence taking part in the economic revival of the country, participating in wealth and job creation, and retaining graduates and high-level skills in Lebanon. www.berytech.org


Berytech is an implementing partner in Lebanon of the New Business opportunities & Environmental sustainability using MED GRAPE nanotechnological products – BESTMEDGRAPE project.

BESTMEDGRAPE aims at supporting the creation of new startups/SMEs by transferring scientific/technological knowledge on local grape cultivars and the exploitation of wine by-products as a source of bioactive compounds that can be transformed into innovative commercial health products. https://berytech.org/programs/bestmedgrape


Expert Database

Berytech is looking to add new experts to its existing pool of experts who are qualified to carry out training and entrepreneurship-support activities. Among the activities are the delivery of workshops within the framework of EU-funded projects, and consulting activities during the development of technical assistance services implemented by Berytech. Experts may be involved as trainers, speakers, coaches, consultants, or mentors. Responsibilities and compensation may vary according to the type of training or consultancy to deliver. Experts interested in joining Berytech pool of experts will be required to submit a proposal and a cover letter highlighting their motivation to join the expert’s group, citing achievements and references.



Scope of Work and Requirements

  • The trainers will deliver capacity building training workshops, each one related to their specific field of expertise, while adding personal input and complementary suggestions to meet the desired outcome.
  • A total of 30 potential entrepreneurs will be part of the BESTMEDGRAPE program. The training workshops will be delivered between March and October 2021.
  • The sessions will be delivered online using Zoom


The workshops should allow the entrepreneurs to develop and validate their Business Idea, identify the problem they are trying to solve, working on a problem tree approach, validate their business ideas using different techniques, identify their marketing and access to market strategy while identifying the essential financial requirements to launch their minimum viable products. A pitch deck should be developed at the end of the program. Entrepreneurs will present their outcome in the pitch deck to a screening committee to go through selection process for the second phase.


  • Sessions format:
  • Typical length of each session is between 2 and 3 hours to be delivered online with a maximum of 1 to 2 sessions per week for each group (varying between workshop and coaching session)
  • Trainers are to include the required presentations, tools, templates, and resources,
  • Sessions are expected to be highly interactive, customized to the profile of the entrepreneurs
  • The Berytech team will be sharing ongoing feedback with trainers and entrepreneurs will need to submit specific deliverables that will be reviewed by trainers for feedback.


  • Coordination and complimentary support from Berytech:

The trainers are asked to share with Berytech a clear training curriculum, session details, timeline, methodology, tools, and deliverables expected, for validation.


  • Experienced in delivering similar trainings or coaching for the empowerment of entrepreneurs with a minimum of 5 years of experience.
  • Effective communicator with any audience in an organized and professional manner.
  • Use of tools and methods to deliver engaging and dynamic online trainings
  • Creative problem-solver with thorough attention to detail.
  • Desire to deeply understand and empathize with our entrepreneurs.

Selection Criteria

Expert trainers or training firms will be selected based on:

  • The proposal and methodology suggested and its fit for the program’s objectives.
  • Experts bio, proven track records and experience in the required field
  • Budget scope

How to apply

To apply, the proposal, cover letter along with the resume including work/project portfolio should be submitted by email to: [email protected],before February 28th , 2021.

منتهية الصلاحية
آخر مدة للتقديم
الأحد, 28. فبراير 2021
نوع الدعوة
دعوة لتقديم الاستشارات
قطاع(ات) التدخل:
زراعة, العلوم والتكنولوجيا
Remuneration range:
> 6000 (USD)
Duration of Contract:
9 months