Save the Children International (SCI) invites you to tender for the provision of IPC kits PR-B-2021-015. The attached tender pack has been specifically created to provide you with all the information required to understand SCI’s requirements, and complete a response to the tender, should you wish.

How to apply

Responses should be submitted no later than 9th of March 2021 at 17:00 GMT+2 Lebanon by Paper Submission: One hard copy of bid submitted on headed paper

    • Bids to be submitted to Tehouita Highway, Furn el chebbak, Pikasso building – 3rd floor, Beirut, Lebanon
    • Bids should be submitted in a single sealed envelope addressed to Save the Children Int. Lebanon
    • The envelope should clearly indicate the Invitation to tender reference number PR-B-2021-015 but contain no other details relating to the bid.
    • All documentation submitted should be done in their own clearly labelled envelopes (e.g. Bidder Response Document, Financial Accounts, Bill of Quantities etc.), which are submitted in one single envelope as detailed above.


Queries should be directed to [email protected]


We look forward to receiving your response.

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