RMSPECSTotal Quatity requestedUnitPlexi Acrylic244*122 (2.5mm)5sheetsPlexi Acrylic244*122 (4mm)30sheetsPlexi Acrylic244*122 (5mm)10sheetsPlexi Acrylic244*122 (6mm)10sheets

How to apply

Bids should be sent to the head office in two sealed envelopes: one for the technical proposal and one for the financial proposal, both included in one sealed envelope that should bear the reference number of the tender (BAD 2-2021).


Address: Badaro main street, Mouvement Social Bldg, 3rd floor (Café Badaro bldg.) – Tel: 961.1.390335/381879  - Between 8.30 Am and 15.00h Pm


Payment : In fresh dollars

Payment conditions: Bank check in USD cashed fresh money from Fransabank (Badaro branch only) – Banking commission (8$/1000) payable by the supplier.


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