Community-Based Early Childhood Education Tutor

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Please send your CV to [email protected]. ONLY shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Please mention the position “Community-Based Early Childhood Education Tutor - Jbeil" in your email subject.

اسم الشخص المسؤول: 
Nadira Masri
Contact Person Position: 
Country Human Resources Officer
البريد الالكتروني للشخص المسؤول: 

Teach Arabic and French or English languages, in addition to some basic concepts for the scientific awareness in Math and Science, as well as sports and recreational activities that include the following domains: language, cognitive, social/emotional, and sensor/motor.

Key Responsibilities

  •  Leads students through creative play and hands-on activities.
  • Tailors the lessons according to the abilities of the children in the classroom.
  • Coordinates with other tutors, the social worker, and the school principal.
  • Conducts regular tutors’ and parents’ meetings.
  • Applies JRS policies in the educational center..
  • Ensures the child’s environment is safe.

Knowledge, Skills and Personal Attributes

  • Good communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Strong organizational and team working skills.
  • Good cultural awareness and sensitivity.
  • Highly approachable, trustworthy and confidential.
  • Experience in planning class programmes.
  • Experience in participatory programmes.
  • Must be capable of teaching in Arabic and either French or English .
  • Experience in working with refugees is a plus
منتهية الصلاحية
آخر تاريخ التحديث: 
20 يناير, 2021
قطاع(ات) التدخل:
آخر مهلة للتقديم:
الجمعة, 22 يناير 2021
نوع العقد:
دوام‬ ‫كامل‬
مدة الوظيفة:
1 year renewable based on performance appraisal
نطاق الراتب:
< 800 (USD)
درجة التعليم:
تفاصيل درجة التعليم:
University Degree or “Licence Technique” (LT) in Early Childhood Education or any other related field.
متطلبات الخبرة:
بين سنتين و3 سنوات
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اللغة الانكليزية:
جيد جداً
اللغة الفرنسية:
جيد جداً
  • Lebanon
  • جبل لبنان
  • Jbeil (Byblos)