Inclusion and Community Health Team Manager

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Kindly submit your cover letter along with your curriculum vitae to the e-mail: [email protected], mentioning the job title in the subject.

Any Email that does not contain a title will be automatically discarded.

Due to the acute need to fill this position, PU-AMI reserves the right to close this vacancy earlier than stated.

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Malak El Horr
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Base Human Resources Officer
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Première Urgence - Aide Médicale Internationale (PU-AMI) is a non-profit, non-political and non religious humanitarian NGO. Its objective is to provide a comprehensive response, in line with humanitarian principles and applying both needs based and rights based approaches, to conflict affected populations. PU-AMI promotes humanitarian access and dialogue with all components of the civil society and reinforces the capacity of each vulnerable community (refugees, vulnerable host community) to become self-reliant and resilient, by responding to immediate needs and strengthening their socio-economic empowerment.

Today, PU-AMI is intervening in 21 countries in Africa, the Near East, Caucasus, Asia and the Caribbean to cover the needs of populations affected by conflict, natural disasters or economic crises.

PU-AMI in Lebanon has been implementing emergency and recovery projects in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, in Shelter Rehabilitation, Health, Protection and in Livelihood Recovery sectors.


Under the direct supervision of the Health Project Manager, the Inclusion and Community Health Team Manager is responsible of the overall coordination of the Community Health Interventions and outreach activities implemented in the catchment areas of the Primary Healthcare Centers (PHCCs) or other detected priority areas. S/he ensures that the strategy defined by the Health Coordinator and Health Project Manager is implemented accordingly.






1. Monitor the implementation process at all the project’s stages and ensure field level monitoring of the quality of implemented activities related to identification and assessment of the catchment area;

2. Together with the community health team and the Inclusion Social Workers, and in close coordination with Referral Officers and Protection teams, make sure the referral mechanism is in place and remains functional;

3.Work together with the Health Project Manager and coordinate with the Health Coordinator in the identification of topics for health education and health promotion, providing feedbacks and lessons learnt to improve services provision;

4.Validate the selection for Community Health Volunteers together with the Community Leaders and respect recruitment criteria, supporting the development of knowledge assessment to prioritize needed trainings;

5.Plan and coordinate the number and timing of Nurse, Midwifefield visits and health education sessions;

6.Support in the selection and update of the health education sessions topics with the Nurse, Midwife and Inclusion Social Workers based on identified needs, and liaise with the Protection teams to include protection related topics;

7.Actively participate in the design and identification of Information Education and Communication (IEC) materials used to improve the knowledge of target population during health education sessions;

8.Support the MEAL Department for the development of survey and other needs assessment requested;

9.Liaise with the MEAL team to conduct any MEAL related activities and periodical lessons learnt exercises to improve upon practices;

9.Take the lead for the follow up on the work plan for Nurse, Midwife and Inclusion Social workers in the field providing education or social counselling sessions to influence beneficiariesbehavioral change;

10.Participate in the evaluation of the humanitarian situation in the region;

11.Support the Health team in the scale up of the newly approach intervention strategy at the community level.

12.Participate in the design of the Inclusion Social Worker’s tools and activities;

13.Support Inclusion Social Worker in identifying needs of the concerned persons and their household and ensure that proper referral mechanism is in place.



  1. In collaboration with the HR department, participate in the recruitment process(es) of staff under his/her line management at base level by: participate in drafting job descriptions/technical tests/interview forms, shortlisting resumes and conducting interviews;
  2. Brief newly recruited personnel on their roles and responsibilities;
  3. Ensure the adherence of his/her subordinates to all PU-AMI’s policies, rules and regulations;
  4. Ensure the respect and implementation of HR procedures in accordance with PU-AMI’s Policies and Guidelines (i.e. daily management, disciplinary procedures, performance appraisals, leaves management, trainings and capacity building, etc.) in collaboration with the Human Resources department and Health Project Manager;
  5. Monitor and provide objective feedback related to the performance of the staff under his/her supervision (including staff performance appraisals every 6 months) to promote professional development;
  6. Define and implement the required training(s) to subordinate(s) regarding task to be developed on the framework of the project;
  7. Ensure good communication, coordination and information level of each member of the field teams during regular coordination meetings (or other when required);
  8. Solve team conflicts and ensure team building and discipline.
  9. Manage the Nurse, Midwife and Inclusion Social Workers working on the health activities and monitor their work by constantly visiting the areas of intervention;
  10. Supervise and provide constant support and guidance to the Nurse, Midwife and Inclusion Social Workers and ensure the activities are implemented as planned;
  11. During the absence of Nurse and Midwife, ensure that the community health volunteersactivities are well implemented in the field;
  12. Coordinate with the community health team the provision of feedbacks from beneficiaries to adapt appropriately the intervention;
  13. Be responsible for the overall functioning of the Community Health Volunteers Network and the effective interaction with the Nurse, Midwife and Inclusion Social Worker(s);
  14. Work on daily basis with the Health Field officer(s) and PHCC Team Manager to make sure the tracking system is working smoothly and patients are referred from the community to PHCCs;
  15. Work on regular basis with the Health Field officer(s) and PHCC Team Manager to identify the rehabilitation devices needed following approval from Medical Specialists;
  16. Together with the Information Management Officer, review the quality of data collected and discuss ways for improvements;
  17. Provide feedback for the development of training materials for the community intervention and any other requested;

18. Be responsible, together with the Nurse and Midwife, of the provision of trainings to the community health volunteers.


  1. Define the needs in materials and tools regarding the program and the planning of interventions ;
  2. Comply with all logistics’ rules, procedures and processes and ensure the timely supply of all logistics’ needs for the successful implementation of the program.



  1. Conduct initial review and validation of data and documents collected by Nurse, Midwife with the support of the IM Officer;
  2. Ensure the monthly monitoring and analysis of the indicators (internal and external);
  3. Report on collected data against Report on collected Data against project indicators;
  4. Directly report any difficulties or delays in the implementation of activities;
  5. Coordinate regular tracking of activities progress;
  6. Participate in writing of all required medical reports (for PU-AMI, donors, partners etc.);
  7. Participate in the constant evaluation of the project (effectiveness, efficiency, impact, relevance);
  8. Support the Project Manager in the regular planning of the activities;
  9. Contribute to the security analysis situation in the area and inform the Project Manager on security incidents.



  1. Map and meet different health actors in the area, as well as actors working with Persons with Disability;
  2. Under delegation from the Project Manager, coordinate PU-AMI activities with other health stakeholders in the area;
  3. Participate in the liaison with local authorities, NGOs and other stakeholders under delegation from the Project Manager.

The tasks and responsibilities defined in this job description are non-exhaustive and can evolve depending on the project’s needs.


  1. Conduct assessment of the catchment area where the intervention is going to be implemented together with the community health team;
  2. Set up a plan of areas of intervention, with clear visibility on the referral and tracking system mechanism;
  3. Develop the training plan for Community Health Volunteers;
  4. Coordinate the activities to not overlap with other stakeholders in the field;
  5. Link the results of the community intervention with PHCC referrals received.

6. Ensure proper implementation of Inclusion Social workers’ activities according the needs identified.




  1. Language skills: Fluent in English and Arabic, (speaking/reading/writing).
  2. Education degree: University; qualification in medical science (public health an asset)
  3. Work experience: Proven experience in NGOs. Knowledge of the project cycle and logical framework; proven experience in team management.
  4. Knowledge and skills:
  5. - Good knowledge of community interventions,
    • good knowledge of the primary health care system in Lebanon.
    • Experience in Inclusion / working with Persons with disability
    • Clear knowledge of Lebanon humanitarian context
  6. Computer skills: Excellent knowledge of the MS office software including Word, Excel, Outlook
  7. Other:
  • Good management skills
  • Good reporting skills
  • Valid driving license (1-year minimum)


  • Interests: Working in Humanitarian relief
  • Transversals skills:
    • Excellent communication, conflict solving and diplomacy skills to manage relationship in potentially tense situations
    • Strong motivation to support all vulnerable communities
    • Ability to make decisions and to exercise authority when required
    • Understanding of the political situation in the area
    • Ability to analyze and suggest improvements of the activities
    • Ability to adapt or change priorities according to the changing situation within a mission or the organization itself
    • Well organized and hard worker
    • Able to manage stress and pressure
    • Able to check validity of information, logical thinking
    • Neutrality
    • Reliability
منتهية الصلاحية
آخر تاريخ التحديث: 
26 نوفمبر, 2020
قطاع(ات) التدخل:
آخر مهلة للتقديم:
الخميس, 10 ديسمبر 2020
نوع العقد:
دوام‬ ‫كامل‬
مدة الوظيفة:
Six months, renewable based on performance and availability of fund
According to PU-AMI salary scale
نطاق الراتب:
بين 1500 و 2000 (دولار أمريكي)
درجة التعليم:
تفاصيل درجة التعليم:
University; qualification in medical science (public health an asset)
متطلبات الخبرة:
بين سنتين و3 سنوات
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غير مطلوب
  • Lebanon
  • الجنوب
  • صيدا