Request for Proposals (RfP) - Consultancy services in Lebanon for assessing climate risk in coastal cities and development of tools for informed planning and coordination

The Marine and Coastal Zone programme at IUCN-ROWA is currently seeking a team of local experts to conduct a climate vulnerability assessment for selected Lebanese coastal towns. Under the direction of Marine Programme Manager, the Team will do the following but not limited to: 
1) Map major climate hazards that occurred in coastal cities 
2) Assess resources of the local government and other stakeholders in addressing climate risks including early warning and early actions, in high risk cities along the coast 
3) Develop tools and materials  for an online platform on climate change

For more information about the call and the requierements please refer to the attached RfP


How to apply

Proposers must submit their Proposal to IUCN no later than 13:00 on November 24, 2020 by email to: [email protected]. The subject heading of the email shall be [RfP – [Consultancy services/Climate survey] - [Proposer Name]]. Electronic copies are to be submitted in PDF and native (e.g. MS Word) format. Proposers may submit multiple emails (suitably annotated – e.g. Email 1 of 3) if attached files are deemed too large to suit a single email transmission.

Proposals must be prepared in English and in the format stated in Part 3 of the attached RfP


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