The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), in Beirut, invites authorized companies to make a firm offer for the Supply and Delivery of Medical equipment in Annex A (referred to hereinafter as “Goods”).

Delivery place:

Beirut - Lebanon (Specific delivery address to be advised later) 

It is strongly recommended that this Invitation to Bid and its annexes be read thoroughly. Failure to observe the procedures laid out therein may result in disqualification from the evaluation process.


The following annexes form integral part of this Invitation to Bid:

Annex A_1:         Bill of Quantity BoQ;

Annex A_2:         Technical Requirements/ specifications;

Annex B:              Technical Submission sheet

Annex C:              Financial Offer Form;

Annex D:              Vendor Registration Form;

Annex E:               UNHCR General Conditions of Contracts for the Provision of Goods and Services –July 2018 version;

Annex F:               UN Supplier code of conduct.

How to apply

The offers should be submitted by email to [email protected]

Please clearly state the following in subject line of the email:

  • ITB/2020/048
  • Company name
  • Type of Offer: Technical or Financial
  • Number of e-mails sent (for example: 1/2, 2/2)

Please follow the below instructions for submitting the offers via email:

  1. Format: PDF files (Preferred);
  2. Email size must not exceed 20 MB;
  3. For big attachment over 20MB please split into multiple numbered emails (e.g. 1 of 3, 2 of 3 and 3 of 3);
  4. No document downloading links are accepted. All documents must be attached with the email.
  5. If you are uploading number of small files, please move the files into a “ZIP folder” and send a zip file instead of each file individually;
  6. The Technical offers and financial offers must be submitted in separate emails;
  7. All files must be free of viruses and not corrupted;
  8. UNHCR reserves the right to accept or reject any offers that is not following the email submission instructions;
  9. No other person from UNHCR to be copied on the tender emails otherwise the supplier may be disqualified.

Deadline to submit offers: 06/11/2020, 23:59 hrs local time or earlier.

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