Private Sector Development Programme in Lebanon - Increase the competitiveness of the furniture value chain in Tripoli

Within the scope of action, Minjara was established within Rashid Karami International Fair in Tripoli. Minjara stands today as a networking and clustering space proposing a 360º package of support services to the carpenters to elevate their skills and enhance their productivity.

Elaborated during a very specific period for Lebanon with the conjunction of a structural national economic, monetary and social crisis following the events of October 2019, the Covid-19 crisis, and the Beirut port explosion, this Call for Proposal is based on a consolidated diagnostic of information and data gathered during the implementation of previous activities of the component, but also during the initial work realized during a consultation phase from February till July 2020 with the furniture sector in Tripoli, that aimed at identifying the activities/services to emphasis on during the extension phase and which can be summarized as follows:

  • Establish a legal representative entity for Minjara (Minjara Operator) and provide it with the needed business and technical support in order to fully manage Minjara’s activities and physical spaces once the extension phase of the PSD-P intervention is over (successful exit strategy).
  • Enhance the market access strategy (sales strategy) at national and international levels taking into consideration the new uprising local economic, monetary and social contexts as well as the competitors’ activities.
  • Improve the internal (rules, regulations and processes) and external (towards the sector) communication strategies.
  • Develop a range of products that are more in-line with the market needs in terms of design, quality/durability and price.
  • Develop Minjara marketing and communication strategy in-line with the market access strategy, range of products/services to develop/provide and targeted audience/potential clients.
  • Reposition Minjara’s vision, mission, objectives and services to fit better the carpenters’ needs at individual and collective levels.

How to apply

Applications could be downloaded and must be uploaded through the following website. An information session is scheduled for Tuesday 29 September 2020 at ESA, Beirut.

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