Request for Proposal-Construction and Furnishing

AFDC is opening this request for proposal which falls under the framework of a Food for Asset - FFA Project funded by BMZ in partnership with World Food Programme and implemented by Association for Forests, Development and Conservation - AFDC, through which a total of seven (7) tree nurseries and forest centers of the Ministry of Agriculture of Lebanon-MOA are to undergo rehabilitation. It is to be noted that the price provided by the vender includes purchase of material and implementation.

Locations of implementation:

  • Tyre, Tyre, South
  • Charkieh, Nabatieh, Nabatieh
  • Chouaifet, Alay, Mount Lebanon
  • Hammana, Baabda, Mount Lebanon (2 Projects)
  • Dair Ammar, Mineh-Donniyeh, North
  • Qammoua, Akkar, Akkar

How to apply

Interested vendors are requested to send an email to "[email protected]" to request the bid documents or contact our office at 01-898475/6 in order to collect a printed copy.

It is to be noted that the vender can apply to one or more locations.  

Kindly mention in the body of your email the name of the company, contact person and information and the locations where the company wishes to implement in.

Deadline to submit the offers in sealed envelopes to AFDC office in 1st floor, bldg 245, 10 Sagesse St, Jdeideh, Lebanon is 30-9-2020 by 3pm.

The Offerer shall submit:

  • One Technical Proposal +One Copy
  • One Financial Proposal + One Copy, in addition to 1 excel soft copy.

Request for quotation reference #: AFDC-RFP -016-2020-REHAB (To be mentioned/highlighted in all emails subjects and on the submitted papers and cover of the envelopes).

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