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INTERSOS-Lebanon  (Bekaa,Mount Lebanon, Tyr and Tripoli)  is searching for suppliers in the below mentioned field:

1.            Office Furniture

2.            Hospital Furniture and Materials

3.            Rehabilitation and construction for Minor and Major Units

4.            Recycling Materials

5.            IT Equipment and consumables (laptops, toners, printers, etc …)

6.            communication (smartphones, tablets, etc…)

7.            Stationery and Printing Arts and crafts material (cardboards, coloring materials, beads, modeling clay...)

8.            Refreshments (such as coffee, biscuits, etc…)

9.            Cleaning Materials

10.          PPE Materials

11.          Planting (Soil, Plant, Seeds, etc…)

12.          Kids accessories, toys and educational materials

13.          Make-up materials

14.          Hair dressing materials

15.          Nail Art materials

16.          Tailoring and Knitting, wool making materials

17.          Accessory making materials (beads, etc…)

18.          Moving Companies

19.          General Trading

Our projects are funded through different resources, which lead us to pay either USD fresh money, or non-fresh money or LBP.

How to apply

If your company can provide any of the above-mentioned fields, and you are interested in working with us, you are kindly requested to send us an email as following :

For Mount Lebanon/Beirut: [email protected]

For Tripoli, northern Lebanon: [email protected]

For Bekaa: [email protected]

For South/Tyr: [email protected]

 introducing your company and the scope of work you cover (mentioning the categories and areas that can be covered including delivery) and the payment terms that you accept (cash/cheques LBP/USD).

We will then, send you supplier pre-qualification documents that you will sign and stamp, which will add you to our supplier database for any upcoming procurement .

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