Call for Tender- Drawing and Painting Tools

(Urgent!!!! If you have applied a quote, or sent an email on the 26th of August, we may not have recieve it due to malfunction in our mailing server. Kindly resend your emails in this case to the following address: [email protected])


Peace of Art is launching a tender for the purchase of Musical Instruments.

The procurement team will be receiving the quotations and will be choosing the supplier based on the most competitive pricing.


Tender Number: POA/T020-006


Items requested:

Conson A4 drawing pad (Quantity: 60)

Painting Palette (Quantity: 60)

Sketching Pencil Set (Quantity: 60)

Coal Pecils (60 Pieces)

Acrylic Colors Set (Quantity: 60)

Painting Brush set (Quantity: 60) 


Estimated Total Budget:  600 USD


Note: Prices are requested to be in USD with VAT included. The quotes must include a letter-head showing the company's name, phone number, and email.


Suppliers will be notified with the results within 10 days after the deadline of submission (24th of September 2020).


Contracted Supplier will be chosen based on the most competative price aligning with the specifications requested by the call. Payment will be in cash as fresh money (USD).


Suppliers are required to have:

- Company License Registration

- Commercial Registration

- Certificate of Registration with the Ministry of Finance

- Certificate of registration with VAT


Name, Address and contact details of the ordering party:

Peace of Art –

Old high school building, Fakiha, Baalbeck-Hermel

[email protected]


How to apply

To apply or for any clarifications, kindly send your questions or quotes with a letter head including name of company, phone number and address by email to: [email protected]

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