Third Party Monitoring Agency/Firm (Programmes run remotely from Lebanon Office)

The Programme

The programme supports local civil society organisations (CSOs) to better maintain civic space for successful implementation of peacebuilding and conflict transformation activities. It provides capacity building to selected CSOs so that they are better able to identify community issues and needs in an inclusive and participatory manner. It enables CSOs to have operational capacity as well as tools to implement peacebuilding activities.

Goals and Objectives of the Consultancy

Search requires services of  an independent, impartial and private entity to provide TPM services for the programme interventions. The main objective of the TPM is to strengthen the project monitoring processes of both Search and its implementing partners. The selected party will be responsible for all monitoring activities at the start of the project and during the implementation of the activities under the supervision of Search’s Monitoring and Evaluation and Learning (MEAL)Manager , the selected firm will:

  • Develop and implement a framework and monitoring and evaluation  plan for the programme, including the specific parameters for field visits, and data collection for each activity in all locations. This will allow them capture and analyse data in a timely and accurate manner;
  • Provide timely, relevant and verified output and outcome level data to Search through reports;
  • Provide a participatory opportunity for beneficiaries in decision-making and ensure accountability by allowing recipients to share feedback in a safe, secure and dignified manner;
  • Facilitate lessons learnt and best practices sessions for accurate and objective feedback; and
  • Identify challenges and recommend corrective actions that will address the needs of the affected population appropriately and efficiently.

Geographic Locations

These will be shared with the shortlisted firms, but includes locations in the MENA region.

Methodology and Data Collection Tools

The TPM is expected to do, but not limited to the following, which must be reflected in the technical proposal:

  • Output monitoring: data collection post activity implementation, this includes tracking attendance sheet, registration of participants;
  • Store the data properly to serve as means of verification and submit an activity report to draw achievements and encountered challenges - This will also require TPM firm attendance to the sessions;
  • Outcome Monitoring: track the improvement in knowledge following training and capacity building sessions, gather feedback from evaluation and address it to the management team with suggestions to improve the implementation and maximize the impact of the programming; 
  • Monitor the implementation of the grants that will be implemented;
  • Conduct a baseline scoping exercise supporting in the setting of baseline and endline targets;
  • Report quarterly on the actuals vs the targets and milestones; track the reach of the indicators and ensure having updated and filled monitoring and evaluation  plan and Indicator tracking tables;
  • Support the team in submitting a monthly report and include case studies, achievement external and internal challenges; and
  • Conduct spot interviews post activities: schedule to meet or call a sample of participants to understand the feedback and report on the key issues this will enable informing our learning and adaptation of our capacity building modalities.


Search expects the following deliverables from the external consultant(s) as they correspond to the timeline and budget:

  • A framework and monitoring and evaluation plan for the programme within the first three weeks of the consultant. The plan must show the methods, tools, staffing and other requirements necessary for successful TPMMonthly  progress  reports: these will be submitted to Search’s MEAL manager highlighting work done in the month, project progress, lessons learnt, challenges and adaptations required for the next month. The report must not be more than 10 pages. Annexes to the report will include updated indicator tables, updated M&E plan etc.;
  • A Final report at the end of the TPM consultancy(35 pages max in length, excluding appendices) that consists of -amongst other things- the following elements;
    • Executive summary;
    • Table of contents;
    • Description of the methodology;
    • Limitations and challenges faced;
    • Findings of the monitoring activities;
    • Recommendation for decision making ;
    • Appendices which include detailed data collection instruments, sources of information, evaluator biography;
  • A powerpoint presentation of the report;
  • The data bases;
  • A short summary report (4-5 pages) meant to be shared with audiences outside Search; and
  • In addition to these outputs, the consultant will provide full and oral feedback to Search’s key stakeholders via a debriefing of the field mission at the end of it at Search’s office in Beirut.

Logistical Support

The TPM firm/consultant(s) will be responsible for organising their own logistics for data collection (vehicles, fuel, and drivers), and this must be budgeted into the financial proposal. Search can provide support in arranging logistics as agreed upon based on the consultant’s proposal. In addition, Search and partners will share the following elements with the external consultant(s): Background materials including the project proposal and logframe,, etc.

Ethical Considerations

The consultancy should take consideration of the rights of participants in line with the ethical codes and guidelines of research. The participant should be asked to provide their consent and made aware that their identities would not be revealed. Cultural rights will be respected; minors below 18 years of age would not be assessed while collected data would be protected for confidentiality all through the data management process.

The TPM firm/consultants are required to respect the following ethical principles:

  • Comprehensive and systematic inquiry: Consultant should make the most of the existing information and full range of stakeholders available at the time of the review. Consultant should conduct systematic, data-based inquiries. He or she should communicate his or her methods and approaches accurately and in sufficient detail to allow others to understand, interpret and critique his or her work. He or she should make clear the limitations of the review and its results.
  • Competence: Consultant should possess the abilities and skills and experience appropriate to undertake the tasks proposed and should practice within the limits of his or her professional training and competence.
  • Honesty and integrity: Consultant should be transparent with the contractor/constituent about: any conflict of interest, any change made in the negotiated project plan and the reasons why those changes were made, any risk that certain procedures or activities produce misleading review information.
  • Respect for people: Consultant should respect the security, dignity and self-worth of the respondents, program participants. Consultant has the responsibility to be sensitive to and respect differences amongst participants in culture, religion, gender, disability, age and ethnicity.

Data Quality Assurance and Management

All deliverables will be reviewed and approved by the country office and global Institutional Learning Team prior to acceptance of the final product.


From mid-August 2020 till March 2021

Budget/Financial Proposal

A detailed budget should be provided, including daily rates for personnel, and costs related to the assignment covering all month. The budget must note be more than three pages.

Requirements of Consultant

The following skills and experience are expected by Search for the TMP firm/ lead consultants:

  • Proficiency in English and Arabic
  • At least a Master’s degree in Development, Research Methods; Social Sciences, Monitoring and Evaluation or related fields;
  • More than 5 years of experience in TPM  including collecting data in interviews, surveys and focus groups;
  • Experience in working with international organisations;
  • Experience conducting large-scale monitoring activities in countries in the MENA region;
  • Experience and expertise in quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis;
  • Strong knowledge and/or demonstrated experience in designing and conducting similar monitoring and evaluation activities in insecure contexts;
  • Evaluation methods and data collection skills;
  • Solid communication skills, cultural awareness and sensitivity;
  • Demonstrated ability to write high quality, methodologically sound and analytical papers in English;
  • Ability to work with people from various social and professional backgrounds and at all levels, (high-level officials to community leaders…); and
  • Experience in social stability and peace-building in rural areas would be an asset;

Seletion Criteria

Consultant proposals will be selected for:

  1. Relevance of proposed methodology to the goal and  objectives of the assignment;
  2. Quality of proposed methods, conflict sensitivity approaches, and quality control measures.
  3. Qualifications of the candidate(s).
  4. Proposed budget in relation to proposed methodology, deliverables and team.
  5. Timeline for proposed activities.


How to apply


To apply, interested candidates (individuals or teams) are requested to submit the following two documents on the below link:

  • A technical proposal outlining   proposed methodology for the TPM assignment, understanding of the requirements; experience,  proposed team etc. This must not be more than 10 pages. Annexes will include but not limited to CVs of proposed team, company profile, registration certificates (if applicable), and three reference letters;
  • A financial proposal: A detailed budget,, including daily rates for personnel, and costs related to the assignment covering all month. The budget must note be more than three pages. It should also include all applicable taxes.

Note: Only two documents can be submitted, so ensure that all Annexes for the technical proposal are merged to the technical proposal as one pdf document (not zip folder) and those for the financial proposal are merged to the financial proposal as one pdf document (not zip folder). The technical and financial proposals must be submitted separately

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