War Child is an independent and impartial international non-governmental organization investing in a peaceful future for children and young people affected by armed conflict. WC works to enable adults and empower children and young people affected by armed conflict to bring about positive and lasting changes in their lives.

Our activities seek to maximize children and young people’s participation in both project activities and broader decision affecting their lives, in particular those who have previously been excludes from participating in such decision-making.

As an organization, we are committed to promote, strengthen and support the meaningful participation of children and young people.

War Child has received a grant from UNICEF for the implementation of its educational program. Therefore, it is the intention of War Child to enter into a Framework Agreement, for a period of 12 months, for the procurement of SNACKS for its activities as detailed in the annex I.


Tender No. WC-LEB-2020-001, Supply of Snacks.


War child invites qualified Suppliers to send their Bid in a SEALED ENVELOPE;

 The bids should be prepared in English, and shall comprise the following sets of documents:

-Technical offer forms (Samples).

-Financial offer forms (must indicate the Unit price of each snack + the deliver cost per center).


  • Proof of Company Registration in Country name
  • Copy of Insurance policy (legal liability at a minimum)
  • A copy of the audited financial statements for last two years (balance sheet and income statement);
  • The details of the names, address and contact telephone of three (3) clients for whom the same type of services were provided in various and disperse geographic locations. WCH reserves the right to contact these references, without notifying the Tenderer.
  • An organizational (human resources) chart and CVs of key personnel to be involved in implementation of the Contract;


Important: the bid of evaluation criteria is only for the technical and financial offers.

In case we have 2 scores equal the non-mandatory requirement will be taken into consideration to determine the winner.


Samples (technical offers)

Bidders are required to send samples of snack package offered to evaluate whether they meet the item specification (Annex I) and comply with the standards.

Samples must be submitted on correctly labelled binders/folders/clear plastic sheets, clearly marked with the name of the bidder.

All samples must be submitted in one (1) sealed envelope.

Please note, samples may not be considered or accepted if the submission were not complying with the packing and labeling requirements, samples have to be sent to the location below.

Important: no pricing information should be included in the technical offer (sample). Failure to comply may risk of disqualification.


Location of delivery of Bid:

 Tripoli- Mina, Jamal Abdul Nasser Road right beside Beirut Arab University, Mona center, Block A second floor; (34.4304750, 35.8146877).







Below are the Items to be included in each Package:



One croissant (cheese - chocolate - thyme, we can diversify) big size

One water bottle of 0.5 L

One biscuit chocolate, big size cake or fruit


Each package is to be thoroughly sealed.

The total number of packages that will be ordered during the year is 120,250 packages.

Below is the list areas to where delivery of snacks are requested on a daily bases;


Delivery Location


T5 - Adwe Rawda

T5- Minieh

T5 – Deir Aamar

T5- Tripoli

T5 - Beddawi

T5- Ras Maska


Akkar - Aabde

Akkar - Mashha



Request for clarification:

Bidder are required to submit any request for clarification in respect of this tender bid (TB) by email to the procurement department.

Contact name: Joseph Mikhael

Contact Email:[email protected].

Please quote “ITB No. WC-LEB-2020-001” in all communication.

The deadline for the receipt of question is at 2:00 Pm on  Monday 13.07.2020 

Kindly note that questions and requests for clarifications will not be answered after this deadline. Bidders are requested to keep all questions as concise as possible.

NB: Bid submissions are not allowed to be sent to the e-mail address above. Failure to comply with this provision may result with disqualification.


How to apply

please apply on: [email protected].

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