Call for a Compliance and Finance Consultancy

Established in Lebanon in 2000, Mada is a non-partisan and non-sectarian Lebanese NGO which aims to reinforce the relationship between local communities and their natural environment for the satisfaction of their substantial needs. With offices both in Beirut and Minieh (North governorate), Mada is currently implementing 7 projects in the fields of agriculture, protection of the environment, education and training, economic empowerment and support to civil initiatives.

Guidelines were produced in 2007 to formalize the administrative, financial and human resources management. The associated templates were regularly updated by Mada’s staff but an external point of view is needed to review the existing procedures, suggest updates, and implement them accordingly.

Under the supervision of Mada’s Executive Coordinator, the Compliance and Finance Consultant will conduct the mission over 3 months, from January to March 2020.


Description of the mission: 

The overall objective of the consultant’s mission is to help Mada adopt good practice in order to reduce the risk of error in the day to day operations and comply better with donors’ requirements in terms of procedures.

The consultant will suggest a new working methodology to Mada’s team (ej: process checklist, adapted financial tools to reduce the risk of error). Among other areas, improvements are needed in terms of procurement procedures, validation processes, archiving and information sharing, financial management in the field… The updates and suggestions for a new methodology must comply with Mada's internal regulations, especially for the use of own funds and purchase procedures.

The main activities will be: 

Activity 1: To review the existing procedures and identify the needs for improvement (1 month).

Activity 2: To suggest modifications accordingly and discuss them with Mada’s staff.

Activity 3:  To design more adapted procedures and templates (1 month). Particular attention will be paid to producing simple tools and easy to read guidelines, in order to make them accessible to a large public. There is a specific need for simplified tools to identify better the financial risks (ej: software Dolphin, excel tools…).

Activity 4: To test the effectiveness of the new procedures and provide support to Mada’s team in using them (1 month).  

Activity 5: To submit at the end of the process the final guidelines and templates updated, in English and in Arabic, taking into account the learnings from the test period.


Education and skills expected: 

  • Five years of experience in a managerial role within the NGO sector in Lebanon;
  • Experience in reviewing and updating existing administrative and financial procedures;
  • Ability to produce easy to handle procedures for the staff;
  • Proficiency use of the computer software Dolphin;
  • Excellent communication skills, verbal and written, in English and Arabic. French would be much appreciated.


Timetable of the mission: 

The assignment will last 35 working days, from January to March 2020. The consultant will divide his/her time between Mada’s Beirut office and Mada’s office in Miniyeh.

How to apply

Interested persons should provide a short document (1 page), which outlines the relevant skills and experience that make them the ideal candidate for the role alongside a CV and 2 contact details of professional referees.

Please outline how you would go about achieving the outcomes outlined above, what challenges you might encounter and how you plan to overcome them. 

Willingness to travel is essential as the consultant will divide his/her time between Mada’s Beirut office and Mada’s office in Miniyeh.

Please indicate a daily fee and whether this is negotiable. The fee requested should cover all expenses.

Please send your document to: [email protected]

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