To implement its activities in an effective and qualitative manner, PU-AMI is looking for a consultancy mission able to build the capacity of its program team in adult learning and training organization and facilitation. The team should acquire necessary skills to support PU-AMI’s partner training centers in how to better organize trainings and be able to evaluate those trainings.



Objective of the mission


  • Provide a “Training of Trainer” Course to PU-AMI staffs. At the end of the training participants should:
    • Understand the basics of adult learning and be able to train a group using relevant methods, techniques and tools.
    • Be able to design a training session and ensure the follow-up and evaluation of a training sessions, as well as ensure the follow-up of a training with beneficiaries.


Content of the training

  • Duration: Indicative – consultant should provide a detailed content in its offer
    • 2 to 4 days
    • 4 to 6 hours per day
  • Components: Indicative – consultant should provide a detailed content in its offer.
    • How to deliver a training course? (techniques and methods, preparation and facilitation)
    • Concept of adult learning
    • How to deal with difficult situations?
    • Evaluating a training (including evaluation of trainees and trainers)
    • Follow-up of trainees after the training. Basics of coaching.
  • Based in: PU-AMI office, Beirut, LEBANON
  • Period: 4 days between 1st and 25th April 2019



13 participants from PU-AMI program teams are trained in employment and career counselling and PU-AMI develop its internal capacity (tools and processes)

Participants are livelihood officers and technical advisors that are not directly implementing training to beneficiaries. However, they are responsible of supporting the organization of trainings with trainers, of dealing with difficult situations with trainees (i.e. beneficiaries), reviewing the contents of the trainings, evaluating the training outcomes and organization (skills of the trainer, learning environment, etc.).



PU-AMI will have the responsibility of the training organization (participant’s invitation and transportation, availability of the training room, logistic support for the projection equipment, refreshments).



The consultant must provide the following elements:

Before the training:

 A training outline and a detailed summary of each session with the pedagogic support in Arabic and English (training will be conducted in Arabic).



Mandatory requirements

Language skills: Fluent in Arabic, Fluent in English

Education degree: Diploma in education, human resources or other related. Diploma/Specialization in training of trainer.

Work experience: Previous experiences in conducting training of trainers. Similar experiences with NGOs is an added value.


- Excellent communication and animation skills

How to apply

To ensure consideration, your complete, detailed Call for Expression of Interest must be submitted to the following address:

  • By e-mail, Interested suppliers should send the required qualification documents in PDF format to [email protected]
  • By mail, to PU-AMI office:
    • In Beirut: Nehmeh Bldg, Sanine Street, Ain El Remmaneh, Chiyah, Beirut


  • Please indicate in the e-mail or in the envelope subject field:

PU-AMI/LEB/2019/Training_of_Trainer/Name of your organization


- send an updated CV and resume of previous relevant consultancy missions in similar trainings

- send a technical offer including: methodology, detailed plan of the training, the agenda of the training (including precise duration in hours of each session)

- a detailed bill of the delivery of service. Daily or hourly rate should be clearly mentioned.


Offers will be evaluated based on:

  • Experience and qualification of the trainer
  • Quality of the offer
  • Cost-efficiency of the offer


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