Scholarship "Partnership for Knowledge"

Partnership for Knowledge - PfK - is a higher education initiative of the Italian Cooperation aimed at providing life-changing opportunities to researchers, public administration officers, social entrepreneurs and young leaders who are committed to develop their professional and academic skills, strengthen their capacities, widen their networks, make a difference in their home contexts and, last but not least, experience the Italian culture.


The programme, funded in years 2019-2022 by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation in partnership with several Italian universities, offers a number of Master of Science scholarships and post-graduate Masters and PhD fellowships in different thematic domains, grouped in four academic platforms.


The Platform dedicated to Lebanon (among other countries), offering 21 Masters and 5 PhD fellowships (fully paid), is “platform 4 – cultural heritage and sustainable tourism”; it aims at building value around cultural heritage and sustainable tourism as engines for sustainable development. The academic offer in this field trains experts in the conservation of cultural heritage, as well as it provides graduates with the competences required to fill highly qualified roles of responsibility in tourist destinations and tourism companies, tour operators, travel agencies, hospitality, tourist attractions and events organization firms, nationally and internationally.


Applicants may also choose to become spatial planners who are able to solve complex problems related to the current situation and the future of our cities and territories: environmental sustainability, social inclusion, climate change, energy efficiency, mobility, land take reduction, landscape and heritage preservation.


How to apply

The deadline for submitting applications for the Master courses is 15 March 2019; the call for applications for PhD fellowships will be available next spring.

For information about Universities, available courses, applications, etc. please visit the following website:


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