Senior Expert Coordination And Facilitation On Women Quota System In Politics

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Diana Casallas
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The appointed expert will oversight the Advocacy Campaign and support NCLW in the coordination of the CSO coalition that has been created.
This work should include:

Facilitation of campaign efforts between the project (Team Leader& Media communication expert) on one hand and the NCLW & CSO’s coalition working on the campaign on the other hand. The coalition, composed by the CSOs and the NCLW, will implement the activities and the selected expert will facilitate and coordinate those activities according to an action plan agreed upon by the members of the coalition. The expert will support the implementation of the action plan which includes coordination among the coalition members on the visits to the decision makers (political sphere), ensuring that the coalition members deliver an unified message, support the organisation of press conferences if needed, support the work of the committees established within the coalition, support the coalition to identify needed actions to be implemented in the frame of the advocacy campaign (if not already identified in the action plan).
The facilitator should review the already conducted study on the implementation of the quota system and discuss with the NCLW on its future use and support in the implementation of specific recommendations.
Support NCLW coalition facilitator in the facilitation of the CSO’s coalition meetings (biweekly)
Drafting up Campaign action plans after March 2017(after project end) with the CSO coalition for their future implementation. NCLW and the coalition confirmed commitment that the Campaign will be implemented based on the Action plan proposed by the expert.

The Expert will apply the following methodology to carry out the study:

Review all campaign documents produced so far ensuring coherence of work with what has been previously agreed and produced in the advocacy campaign’s framework.
Review the study on the ‘implementation of the Quota System’ that was produced and finalised by the Project (September  – November 2016) and adapt  the recommendation of the study back to the CSO coalition/ Advocacy Campaign. The aim of the campaign study was to provide the following: identify messages on how to implement quota system in Lebanon, on how to address the advocacy campaign according to specific targeted groups and define what are the actions the CSO should undertake. The advocacy campaign implemented by the coalition will take on board those recommendations and the expert selected will be responsible of the fact that the study already conducted has a concrete impact.
Assess the NCLW and CSOs coalition needs in terms of advocacy/coordination skills related to the field of women and politics. The coalition has already been established. The project will work with this coalition till end of February and will support the coalition to be able to autonomous work after the project ends.
Apply soft lobbying skills and tools to ensure the work flows smoothly between all parties and deliver effective advocacy on the quota system, including facilitating meetings between the NCLW and the CSOs members of the coalition.
Keep oversight of the Campaign deliverables and objectives
Asses & monitor the needs

Experience required:
Master’s Degree in a relevant field: gender studies fields, law and political science, social studies or other related fields. Facilitation & coordination Skills is a requirement. Minimum of 8 years work experience in advocacy and lobbying in gender related issues. Minimum of 3 years of experience in conducting training on advocacy related issues. At least 3 years’ experience in advocacy related issued on women participation in the political sphere. At least 3 years of experience in the implementation of Campaigning, Advocacy & Policy in MENA. At least 2 experiences in working with Civil Society in MENA.

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24 يناير, 2017
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الثلاثاء, 24 يناير 2017
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February 2017
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Master’s Degree in a relevant field: gender studies fields, law and political science, social studies or other related fields
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