Shared Office Space For Social Projects, Organizations, And Start-Up Businesses That Have A Social Impact.

RootSpace is committed to supporting civil society and social entrepreneurship in Lebanon. As part of that, RootSpace works as a shared/community office space (co-working) where individuals and small groups (project-based, or as part of a small or newly developing company or organization) can rent office space, either desks or a private office, with all the amenities of a real office space: internet, telephone, fax, printer, kitchen, and more, all in a prime location overlooking downtown Beirut, BIEL, and the port area (we are in Saifi, just near the EU headquarters and Smart Car). This is a developing project, but we are trying to set things up so we can help other people/groups do their work better/quicker/easier.
More information is online:
Or email for more info or for any questions:
innovate (at) therootspace (dot) org
Prices are reasonable, with some flexibility.

الأهداف العامة: 
To provide a community work-space individuals, groups, organizations, or small businesses, for working towards social change, innovation, and social entrepreneurship. To foster collaboration and support. To hold meetings and gatherings.
A variety of activities related to sustainable development, tech/ICT for development, innovation, open source/systems, social entrepreneurship, green tech, etc.
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سبت, 22/03/2008 - 2:00am
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Association for Volunteer Services,, EcoConsulting, International Crisis Group, etc...