The Roadmap to Reconciliation in Tripoli: Creating an Inclusive Process for Launching a Communal Reconciliation in Tripoli

The “Roadmap to Reconciliation in Tripoli,” (RRT) project is a grassroots initiative that aims at launching a transitional justice route through understanding the public perceptions in Tripoli about reconciliation as well as people’s readiness and willingness to engage in a communal reconciliation process once launched. Because reconciliation had always been a sensitive topic for discussion in the conflict ridden areas of Tripoli, one of the major goals in the initial phases of the research was to actually test the openness of different factions of the public to discuss the subject and engage in a communal dialogue.
This report presents a summary of the findings of the research including a communal conversations, key informant interviews, two experts’ meetings, as well as feedback sessions. It also analyzes some of the key entry points on short, medium, and long term to be the “Roadmap to Reconciliation in Tripoli”.
The project established a team of reconciliation experts and peacebuilders, both local and national, technically supported by international experts from the FCT, to design and guide the community engagement process through:
Engaging samples of various community groups in communal conversations and interviews.
Listening, Understanding, and Shedding the light on the root causes of the socio-economic, socio-political, legal, and security issues in Tripoli and analyze how they affect the prospects of reconciliation.
Put forward a transitional justice process for the progress of the “Roadmap to Reconciliation in Tripoli”.

Roadmap to Reconciliation in Tripoli
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الأحد, 1 يناير 2017
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