The Consequences of Limited Legal Status for Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

In December 2013, NRC launched a report entitled ‘The Consequences of Limited Legal Status for Syrian Refugees in Lebanon: NRC Field Assessment in Aarsal and Wadi Khaled’ (Part One) based on the findings of an assessment that NRC conducted between
June and November 2013. While Part One focused on two specific locations with high numbers of refugees with limited legal status: Wadi Khaled and Aarsal, it was deemed important to conduct a second assessment (Part Two) in order to identify and better understand the situation for refugees from Syria with limited legal status in other parts of Lebanon. Part Two was conducted in the additional following locations: the North, the Bekaa, and the South. The new locations also feature sizeable populations of refugees from Syria and are within NRC’s areas of operations.
The presentation of these findings aims to provide a broader geographical overview and a more comprehensive understanding of key challenges faced by refugees with limited legal status in Lebanon, and offers insights into some differences encountered in the various locations.

Norwegian Refugee Council
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الأربعاء, 1 يناير 2014
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