Administrative and Finance Manager for Lebanon

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Interested candidates shall send their CV and cover letter to the e-mail [email protected] adressed to the Administrative Coordinator. Both documents are mandatory, otherwise candidates will not be taken into consideration. Please indicate the position you are applying to on the subject of your e-mail.

Contact Person Position: 
Administrative Coordinator
البريد الالكتروني للشخص المسؤول: 

Objective 1: Cash management of the mission

  • Daily management of the cash box under the supervision of the line manager
  • Carry out expenses and advances payment, ensuring proper authorization procedure
  • Convert currencies at the line manager’s request
  • Check cash balances daily and report any discrepancies to the line manager
  • Ensure cash box security and confidentiality of information
  • Prepare the treasury sheet together with other departments and submit to line manager for validation
  • Manage the cash-flow and ensure that cash boxes are well supplied for all missions


Objective 2:  Accounting management

  • Keep the cash journal for coordination
  • Follow up advances and their accurate recording in SAGA
  • Record budget allocations and accounting codes of the expenses
  • Before recording, check that the supporting documents complies with established procedures
  • Ensure that accounting documentation is translated if necessary
  • Centralize accounting for the mission and carry out the monthly closure
  • Carry out a monthly check of the cash books for the mission (description, accounting codes, analytical codes, monthly exchange rate, etc.)
  • Check cash box inventories and bank reconciliations for each Balzac
  • Carry out physical checks of supporting documents received from bases
  • Archive accounting documents in accordance with established procedures
  • Ensure that the monthly accounting package is compiled and sent to HQ on time
  • Integrate the exchange rates sent by HQ into SAGA every month
  • Sent original accounting documents for the mission to HQ every 6 months
  • Supervise the semi-annual closing summary and the annual accounting closure with the administrative team, under the supervision of the administrative coordinator (expenditure incurred, analytical and budgetary allocation, donations in kind, equipment assets, etc.)


Objective 3: Financial management of the mission

  • Assist the line manager reviewing existing mission policies
  • Ensure proper implementation of the internal policies (cash management policy, PD policy…)
  • Participate to the elaboration of budget proposals  upon request
  • Participate the MFP (Mission Funding Plan) twice year


Objective 4: HR management of the mission

  • Regularly update the national FU in accordance with MAGNA procedures
  • Prepare the monthly salaries calculation and submit to line manager for validation and payment
  • Update staff records and follow up HR deadlines
  • Guarantee a proper filing of national staff documents at coordination level
  • Consolidate and update the mission organization chart
  • Participate to national staff recruitment and guarantee that MAGNA policy is respected
  • Ensure that declarations and payment of taxes of staff are made to relevant organizations
  • Collect the necessary information for monitoring changes in the cost of living
  • Propose improvements to employee working conditions
  • Keep informed of all changes associated with employment law and employment in general
  • Continually ensure coherence between MAGNA HR policy and national laws
  • Ensure the administrative management of expatriates within the mission (file, visa, etc.)
  • Supervise the filing of international staff documents


Objective 5: Administrative management of the mission

  • Raise awareness among the team regarding the risks of fraud, corruption, abuse, etc. and help the line manager implement preventive control actions
  • Alert the line manager of cases of fraud, corruption, abuse, etc.
  • Assist the line manager during internal and external audits, implement follow-up of audits recommendations
  • Ensure that the administrative calendar is respected by the administrative team
  • Ensure completion of paper and digital filing, and secure administrative documents of the mission
  • Carry out a back-up of administrative files at coordination level on a regular basis and ensure the filling of these documents
  • Prepare and control tax payments (income tax, VAT…)


Objective 6: Other responsibilities

  • Introduce ideas on how systems could ameliorate future management
  • Assist in any other duty required by the line manager
  • On request, participate in meetings (donor, authorities, NGO forum…) and workshops relating to his/her field of activity and write up minutes to the line manager
  • Maintain internal & external relationships with other NGOs, authorities and other partners upon request



Minimum Bachelor’s degree Finance Accounting related discipline



  • Fluent communication (both oral/written) English & Arabic
  • Minimum 2 years similar experience with an NGO
  • Computer skills, Excel/Word proficiency required
  • Experience on accounting software; knowledge of SAGA would be an added advantage
  • Good knowledge of accounting and of finance, local administrative and HR procedures
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Good sense of organization and prioritising skills
  • Strong team spirit but also able to work independently
  • Demonstrated high level of ethical behaviour
  • Flexibility and capacity to adapt to changes
  • Capacity to take initiatives
  • Work accurately and detail oriented
  • Maintain confidentiality of sensitive information
  • Honesty and reliability
منتهية الصلاحية
آخر تاريخ التحديث: 
28 يناير, 2019
قطاع(ات) التدخل:
الصحة, حقوق الإنسان والحماية, الصحة النفسية, اللاجئين
آخر مهلة للتقديم:
الأحد, 10 فبراير 2019
نوع العقد:
دوام‬ ‫كامل‬
مدة الوظيفة:
From February 15th, 2019 to December 31st, 2019 with possible extension
نطاق الراتب:
بين 2000 و 2500 (دولار أمريكي)
درجة التعليم:
تفاصيل درجة التعليم:
Bachelor’s degree Finance Accounting related discipline
متطلبات الخبرة:
بين سنة واحدة وسنتين
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غير مطلوب
  • Lebanon
  • بيروت
  • بيروت