Research Assistant - United Nations In The Arab World Program

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Please send a CV, cover letter, and two recommendations (one academic required) to [email protected] by February 6th, 2015 with the subject, “Research Assistant- United Nations in the Arab World”.

اسم الشخص المسؤول: 
Samar Ghanem
Contact Person Position: 
Program Coordinator of the UN in the Arab World Program
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The UN in the Arab World Program:
The United Nations in the Arab World Program was launched with the objective of exploring and analyzing the role of the United Nations (UN) in the Arab region and the impact it has had on regional politics and societies. Encouraging and analyzing research on cases where UN intervention has had an impact in the region--along with situating such UN intervention within broader political, historical and social contexts--comprises the core of this program.
The UN in the Arab World Program at the Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs is seeking a one year full-time Research Assistant. This research position will primarily involve work on two areas, namely a publication of a book and research activities. The position will include conducting a review of available scholarly and technical knowledge related to the United Nations in the Arab world, such as peacekeeping, humanitarian aid, and intervention. The review will include both academic and non-academic resources in English and Arabic.
Research will be conducted through a systematic search of academic and non-academic literature produced both from within and outside the Arab world. This position requires excellent writing and analytical skills. The position will also include coordinating consultative meetings and events and administrative tasks to support the research.
Principal Responsibilities:
1. Collecting literature on the UN in the Arab world 2. Editing papers for book project 3. Assisting in planning an international conference 4. Transcribing and translating interviews 5. Reviewing relevant literature in Arabic and English 6. Writing reports, memos, and summaries7. Assisting the Program Coordinator in planning and implementing consultative meetings and events (lectures, workshops) 8. Keeping a record of all relevant documents 9. Assisting the lead investigator and Program Coordinator in other relevant tasks

منتهية الصلاحية
آخر تاريخ التحديث: 
13 نوفمبر, 2015
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الجمعة, 6 فبراير 2015
نوع العقد:
دوام‬ ‫كامل‬
مدة الوظيفة:
1 year with possible renewal
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BA or MA in social sciences or a relevant field Excellent command of English and Arabic (spoken, read and written), French is a plus
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