Inter Cultural And Recreational Camp For Children

160 children between 5-15 years,

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The Inter Cultural and Recreational Camp for Children aims at: - The promotion of inter cultural and inter community dialogue, by bringing together Children from Several Regions of Lebanon, from different cults - The improvement of Children lives by culture and recreational activities and Child Protection. This camp will aid in developing childhood personality on human rights standards that is based on gender equality, dialogue and conflict resolution
Project: 1. Drawing, music, singing, dancing, theatre, painting, sculpture, puppets, educational games, crafts, and sports: all these activities will constitute different types of workshops defining one moral of our aims in this camp; this will be in due course with the workshop. 2. Stories telling: 3. Knowing the Red Cross 4. Knowing the Civil defence
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ثلاثاء, 07/07/1992 - 3:00am
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Farah social Center in Kafarhim