Training on community care of people with specific needs


By the end of the training, participants are expected to:

- Understand peer support and put in place a peer support plan

Understand different communication methods for communication with people with specific needs (specifically on people with communication problems

Understand the needs of people with specific needs  




The consultant/ trainer will be required to work with HelpAge team to successfully deliver the training. He/she is expected to be able to energetically conduct the training sessions using multiple methods such as power point presentation, case studies, interactive exercises, group work.

HelpAge team will be responsible for managing all administrative aspects and logistics of the

Workshop (sending invitations, ensuring venue/ audio-visual equipment and beverages, printing of hand outs and educational material etc.). The training will take place over 3 days, with a day dedicated to each of the objectives of the training (i.e. peer support, communication and understanding needs)


Key Deliverables

- Training Agenda

- Hand-outs/ presentation, educational material used in the training sessions

- Pre and post-test questionnaire (English and/or Arabic)

- Training report with analysis of pre-post-test questionnaire, signed attendance sheet, photos of the training, evaluation of the training


Required skills and competencies

-  At least 5 years of caring in the community

- Previous experience in conducting training related to care in the community

- Advanced knowledge about social work and/or care in the community

- Excellent communication and writing skills

- Fluency in English and Arabic both written and spoken



Training to be conducted in December 2018


How to apply

The trainer is requested to send an offer including a CV, training outline, methods to be used, and fees by the 27th of November, 2018 to [email protected]

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