Embassy Of Switzerland In Lebanon

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24/04/2020 - 1:51م
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منظمة مجتمع مدني عالمية
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تمويل إنساني وتنموي
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Administrative / Finance Officer
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Beirut , Beirut
الهاتف: +9611739741
Fax: +96117397421
Beirut LB
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Hala Acouri



The Embassy of Switzerland launches a call for proposal for small grants for development which are an instrument that allows fast response with a limited one-time funding. They support the launch of small local initiatives focused on providing solutions to acute environmental issues.
In the Lebanese context of an active Civil Society with little means and limited resources, the Embassy of Switzerland in Lebanon would like to contribute to small initiatives with a positive environmental impact: pollution of air and water, waste management, biodiversity and preservation of green spaces etc.

الخميس, 6 آب 2020
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In the framework of its Regional Cooperation Strategy 2015-2018 for MENA, the Embassy of Switzerland in Lebanon, is engaged in three main domains: Basic Needs and Services, Protection, and Water with three transversal themes: Disaster Risk Reduction, Gender Equality and Governance.


In line with its strategic priority for Lebanon under the Basic Needs and Services domain, namely contributing to safe, viable and peaceful living for conflict-affected and vulnerable people, reducing fragility, and preventing and transforming conflict, the Embassy is currently accepting Expression of Interest for projects pertaining to Livelihoods and Income Generation in Lebanon. The Embassy is seeking innovative interventions that complement the Swiss portfolio in Lebanon. For more details on the portfolio, please refer to the factsheet attached.


This call is open to all national and international NGOs, and public/government agencies active in Lebanon. Partnerships among different entities are encouraged in the framework of this call. If needed, national applicants can include backstopping or on-the-job-coaching by an international/UN partner in their submission.


Applicants can request a contribution of the Embassy of Switzerland to their overall proposed project budget in the range of USD 0.5 to 1 Million. Each applicant needs to ensure that additional funding through own or other sources/donors is secured. Funding through own or other sources must be at minimum 50% for international applicants and at minimum of 20% for national applicants. The duration of the proposed intervention should be between 2 and 3 years. 

الأحد, 29 أبريل 2018
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The Embassy of Switzerland in Lebanon is currently looking to recruit a National Programme Officer to support its Human Security programme for Syria and advise the Embassy on political aspects relating to Switzerland’s bilateral relations with Syria. The incumbent will work under the supervision of the Human Security advisor for Syria and the Swiss ambassador and will be based within the Embassy of Switzerland in Beirut with regular trips to Syria.

الأحد, 8 نوفمبر 2020
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For a post-blast rehabilitation project in Beirut, the Embassy of Switzerland is currently looking for a service oriented, competent professional with experience in driving services in order to fill the position of a Driver / Project Logistics Assistant.

الأربعاء, 30 سبتمبر 2020
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