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Committee of Employee Women Union (CEWU)

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El Hassan Building-Third Floor
Main Road
1302 Halba , Aakkâr
الهاتف: +96170520019
Aakkâr LB
El Hassan Building-Third Floor
Main Road
1302 Halba , Aakkâr
Aakkâr LB
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The Committee of Employee of Women Union (CEWU) is a local NGO established in 10/03/2009 under License 317/2009, its goals have been modified and received new license No. 2778 in 21/12/2017.

CEWU is based in North Lebanon and has two centers located in Tripoli and in Akkar. CEWU was established by 5 women leaders in 2009. The organisation General Assembly is formed of 36 women, and CEWU is managed by a board of 4 women that meets each month. The board ensures the strategic management of the organisation and the operational team ensures the implementation of the programs and projects run in the organisation. The operational team that is composed of the program manager, the coordinator, accountant, Monitoring and Evaluation, procurement and communication. It is important to mention that CEWU ensures equal opportunities for both gender in the recruitment's process and hires equally man and women. The actual team is composed of 3 women and 3 men.

CEWU implements 5 programs: 1) Economic Empowerment, 2) Gender equality, 3) livelihoods, 4) Education, and5) Advocacy

Our vision is “A just society that ensures equity and equal opportunities for all to fulfil their aspirations”.

Our mission: Demolishing the prejudice wall and achieving gender equality through women empowerment.

Our values: Spreading Justice, Supporting Gender equality and Ensuring Diversity

CEWU achieves its objectives through economic, social and educational projects, community development and advocacy

Our Goals:

1.Combat all forms of discrimination against women and to promote gender equality.
2. Develop the family, mother and child and support their civil rights, especially the right to give citizenship to their child.
3- Enhancing women's economic, social and cultural capabilities through lectures, seminars and dialogue councils, and participating in advocacy campaigns.
4 - Establishment of accelerated vocational training courses on professions needed by the labor market.

5 - Empowering women through seminars and awareness programs to engage in political work and participate in public life.
6. Empowering women through awareness campaigns and educational programs.
7 - Care for mother and child health through the establishment of a health clinic concerned with motherhood and childhood
8- Establishing a specialized center for vocational training in all specialties.

Main Road
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Asma Moustafa
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