World Rehabilitation Fund, Inc.

World Rehabilitation Fund, Inc.
Acronym: WRF
Founding Year: 1955
Registration Number: 4757
Country of origin:
Organization type:
Sectors of intervention:

The World Rehabilitation Fund (WRF) is an international humanitarian non-profit Private Voluntary (Non-Governmental) Organization headquartered in New York. Founded in 1955 by Howard A. Rusk, M.D., universally known as the Father of Modern Rehabilitation Medicine, WRF has been instrumental in the initiation, implementation and development of programs and activities, in many countries around the world, targeting the needs of persons with disabilities and addressing issues related to prevention of disability, in its various forms, rehabilitation, social integration and social welfare.

In Lebanon, the programs of WRF started in the early seventies with training activities and material and technical assistance to several native rehabilitation institutions. With time, experience and availability of resources, WRF expanded its programs and activities leading to the creation of a local office in 1987 and registration of the organization by official decree from the Council of Ministers. With support from WRF core staff in New York, WRF–Lebanon works closely with persons with disabilities, caregivers, concerned native public and civil society entities, activists, and consultants to develop culturally appropriate initiatives that address all matters relating to prevention of disability, rehabilitation and social integration.

Office location: First Floor Khodralian Building, Mar Maroun Street
Area: Horsh Tabet
City: Sin el Fil
Additional directions: Near CTI School
Contact information
Tel: +961(0)1 502 188
Fax: +961(0)1 502 189
Contact person
Toufic Rizkallah
Assistant Director, WRF Programs for Lebanon