Legal Agenda

Legal Agenda
Acronym: LA
Founding Year: 2009
Registration Number: 2360
Country of origin:
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The Legal Agenda is a critical and multidisciplinary non-governmental organization, based in Lebanon. It monitors and analyzes law and public policy in Lebanon, specifically, and the Arab region, generally. The Legal Agenda publishes a quarterly magazine, organizes regional conferences, commissions studies, and hosts panel and open discussions. In doing so, the organization provides a forum for citizens, experts, and researchers to analyze, critique, and debate local and regional legal developments with an emphasis on public accountability. The Legal Agenda explores the law’s influence on and capacity to empower, marginalized groups, including refugees, prisoners, women, homosexuals, the disabled, and laborers.

The Legal Agenda nourishes socio-legal debates in Lebanon by coordinating monthly seminars. Its annual conferences,  academic research projects, essays, and short news articles, have established the Legal Agenda as the cornerstone of an emerging regional network of Arab judges.

Office location: Sixth Floor Al Nakhel bldg, Laure & Joseph Moughayzel Street
Area: Badaro
City: Beirut
Additional directions: PO box 1162105
Contact information
Tel: +961 1 383606
Fax: +961 1 383606
Contact person
Nizar Saghieh