Arab Human Rights Fund

Arab Human Rights Fund
Acronym: AHRF
Founding Year: 2006
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The Arab Human Rights Fund (AHRF) is a not-for-profit philanthropic organization that provides support for the promotion and realization of all human rights in the Arab region. The AHRF defines 'all human rights' as those enumerated in the International Bill of Rights and all international instruments dealing with human rights and humanitarian law. It carries out its responsibilities and programs in accordance with these rights and principles without discrimination by reason of gender, ethnicity, religion, national or social status, political opinion or any other distinction. The AHRF is independent of any governmental, political, religious or other interests and is committed to operating with transparency and accountability.


The Arab Human Rights Fund is dedicated to:

  • Providing financial and technical support to human rights defenders and organizations in the Arab region.
  • Securing resources for human rights initiatives and the human rights community from foundations and individuals in the region and among the Diaspora.
  • Promoting social justice and human rights philanthropy to ensure sustainable support for the long-term efforts of human rights defenders in the region.

Legal Status

The Arab Human Rights Fund is a philanthropic organization registered as a non-profit foundation, or Stichting in The Netherlands, where its liquid assets are maintained. The Fund’s main office is in Beirut, Lebanon, where it is a registered branch of "AHRF Stichting."

Office location: Eighth Floor Amine Center, Verdun, Mme Curie street
Area: Hamra District
City: Beirut
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Contact information
Tel: +961 76 050 900
Contact person
Mohamad Kobtan
Administrative & Financial Assistant
+961 76 050 900