Swiss Cooperation Office - Consultancy - Primary Structural Assessment of 1 public school in Akkar

Swiss Cooperation Office - Consultancy - Primary Structural Assessment of 1 public school in Akkar
DEADLINE: Tue, 09/19/2017


In the framework of its cooperation with the Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MEHE), the Embassy of Switzerland through the Swiss Cooperation Office (SCO) is planning to launch a rehabilitation project for public schools North Lebanon.

The project aims at conducting Emergency WASH and rehabilitation works in Ayn Al-Dahab public school, Abdou village.

The SCO is seeking an Engineering company/Bureau des Ingénieurs to conduct the assessment of the school according to the following Terms of Reference and the Lebanese Engineering code.


I.      Tasks and duties


  • Site visit and investigation

  • Necessary as built drawings preparation

  • Primary structural assessment based on :

               - Primary analyze of architectural shape concerning earth quake risk

               - Damaged members evaluation

               - Rebar corrosion

               - Foundation settlement

               - Concrete compressive strength of columns showing weakness

               - Structural members failure sign


II.      Reporting content


  • Earthquake risk assessment based on Richter magnitude scale  

  • Collapsing risk assessment of the building.

  • Exhaustive other possible issues description

  • Establish a work plan and recommendation on further rehabilitation/retrofitting works/ construction of additional classrooms on first floor’s roof slab


III.      Requirements for company eligibility:


The company/bureau offer should include in annex the following:

  • Previous experience in building structural assessment

  • Detailed portfolio of realized studies

  • Experience in Schools rehabilitation or retrofitting would be an asset.

  • References (mail address and phone contact) and certificates of studies done

  • Description of tools to be used for test + analysis and detailed methodology of work for the assessment.


Interested companies or bureaux will have to submit their proposals at the below email by the latest Tuesday September 19th,2017: