“Today’s Youth for Tomorrow’s Leaders”

“Today’s Youth for Tomorrow’s Leaders”
Started on: Fri, 09/15/2017 End date: Fri, 09/15/2017
Project description


 We are pleased to inform you that the “May Chidiac Foundation” with the support of the Embassy of Netherlands in Lebanon are launching a project under the title of “Today’s Youth for Tomorrow’s Leaders”.  

  • The project’s aim is to enhance the communication and advocacy capabilities of young men and women that are representing or willing to represent their political parties or the civil society on the political scene.
  • The project will encourage inter-political party and NGO collaboration to simulate future decision making practices throughout their political career.
  • The project will put theory into practice and give these aspiring leaders the opportunity to really embark on a youth development project on municipality or national level, along with support from leaders, politicians, and prominent professionals.


          Target Group:

The primary beneficiaries of this project are 25 young men and women leaders who are active in political parties, as well as members of the civil society who are seeking to advance their leadership skills in addressing reform.


  • Applicants should be between the age of 23 and 33 years old.
  • Applicants must be active members of a registered political party/movement or members of an NGO
  • Minimum competency in communication skills as well as strong knowledge in social and political issues

Structure of the Project


The overall program will be given over a period of two years. The first year consists of a well-designed learning program including courses that will be given on a bimonthly basis. The second year of the program will be dedicated to the final project.

 A.        Introduction: Breaking the Ice (2 months)


  • Good Governance and Democratization
  • Introduction to Political Parties/Civil Society
  • Group Dynamics  
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Leadership skills in Public Affairs

 B.        Crash courses in Public Service (10 months)


  • Ethics of Public Service: Roles and Responsibilities
  • Policy Development 
  • Lobbying, Advocacy & Coalition Building
  • Communication skills
  • Public Relations
  • Message Development
  • Multi-party political debate
  • One on one interview with a journalist
  • Press Conference
  • Speaking to a group of people
  • One on one political debate
  • Story telling techniques

 C.        Activities and the Final Project (12 months)


Matching and Implementation Process:

  • Meeting Local leaders
  • Community mobilization
  • Meeting high rank politicians throughout the project
  • Project Finalization
  • Media Campaigns (online and offline)


Project Details: The participants should choose a crucial issue to be addressed after they finalize training in the first year. We will then match groups with specific interests to local leaders, politicians, and experts who have experience in the group’s particular concentration. The group should use the learned tools in lobbying, advocacy, storytelling techniques, and political communication to propose a solution (draft-law, government or municipal decision) for the decision makers on a specific issue on a federal or national level. They will have to undergo several methods to make sure that their development solution will be effective to the people they are targeting. 


  Application process


  • A curriculum vitae (CV) of the applicant including his professional and political activities.
  • A letter of reference, signed and printed with an official letterhead

1.      Political Parties:  From the delegating party signed by a responsible official such as a Secretary General or Member of the Board

2.      NGOs: The executive manager or member of the board of the delegating NGO


The following documents need to be sent to MCF by email: (


Deadline For Application: 6 PM on 31 August (Wednesday), 2017


 Financial arrangements:


All costs will be covered by MCF. The organizers of the program will cover the coffee and lunch breaks of all the training program.



May Chidiac Foundation (Cebaco Center-Bloc A-5th Floor- Dora Highway-Beirut, Lebanon.)


Landline: +961(1)256220

Cell-Phone: +961(3)927243



Attending 80% of the activities is mandatory from the first to the last day of the project as this is essential to efficient team-work and the aims of the series. The participants should sign a letter of commitment prior to the project implementation.

Should you require any further information about the series, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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