Social worker

Social worker
Deadline for applications: Friday, January 20, 2017
Location: Aley
Working area: Aley district
Job Description
  • Implement psychosocial activities according to the children’s ages and situation and according to specific Focused PSS curriculum;
  • Promote and ensure the child participation in all activities;
  • Positively interact with children and encourage them to express their needs and ensure their safety;
  • Ensure that the activities are done in an appropriate location in line with minimum standards,
  • Ensure  participation of children in the focused program in a non-discriminatory  as well as age and gender sensitive and appropriate approach;
  • Ensure that the children feel safe, comfortable and respected during activities;
  • Collect and document feedback on the implementation of the methodology including challenges and lessons learnt;

Ensure that parents/caregivers get frequent feedback about their child’s participation during the sessions in presence of the child (if appropriate);

o   Ensure that all children and caregivers are aware of any accountability/ complaint mechanisms;

  • Ensure sector specific tools (eg SDQ pre ad post questionnaire) as well as any specific organization assessment tools are implemented;
  • Develop individual and group progress report and maintain a filing system of children respecting confidentiality;
  • Collect attendance of participants in the activities, and fill in weekly reports as required;

o   Respect and abide to the organization’s internal code of conduct and child protection policy;

o   Refer cases to the CP focal point for case management within the project or the center

o   Collaborate with the project coordinator in order to ensure an appropriate implementation

o   Collaborate with staff (outreach and assistant) in order to reach the target and facilitate the sessions for caregivers

Experience required: Education degree: Bachelor Degree Field of education: Bachelor degree in social work
Arabic: Fluent English: Very Good French: Basic
Period: 1 year
Submission guidelines: When submitting your application, please mention in the subject : social worker Aley CP program
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