DEADLINE: Fri, 01/13/2017

Invitation to Submit A Letter of Interest 

CARE in Lebanon (CiL) announces an invitation to interested Lebanese Civil Society Organizations (CSOs, foundations, unions of legal entities) to submit Letters of Interest (LoI) to potentially collaborate in the framework of CiL’s current programs in Lebanon, as well as possibly participate in developing  joint proposals to pursue new funding opportunities.   


CARE was engaged in Lebanon to meet the needs of people affected by the war in 2006, and subsequently established a direct presence in April 2013 to contribute responses to the needs of communities affected by the Syria crisis.  Since that time we have been implementing both humanitarian and development programmes with and through Lebanese Civil Society Organizations.

Under our dual mandate of emergency responses alongside longer-term development work, CARE has focused its operations in Lebanon on meeting the immediate needs of Syrian refugees and vulnerable host communities in parallel with programmes which seek to promote resilience and related development solutions which align with the LCRP. CARE has been providing access to safe water, sanitation and improved hygiene practices at household and communal level, shelter, non-food items, multi-purpose cash assistance, and livelihood opportunities. To date, CARE has supported more than 290,000 individuals, including refugees and host community members.


CARE in Lebanon seeks LOIs from potential partners who are interested in collaborating in primarily the following sectors:

  1. WASH
  2. Food security and livelihoods
  3. Shelter
  4. Protection
  5. Reproductive health
  6. Gender Equality & Women’s Empowerment 
  7. Youth Participation


The letter of interest should be no longer than two pages and filled in strictly based on the provided format, in English.


CARE seeks registered CSOs who can demonstrate a specific focus and mission supporting one or more of the sectors mentioned above. Eligible organizations must have an established constituency and a record of at least five years in the abovementioned sectors, as well as significant international funding experience and can demonstrate their capacity in program and finance management, effective coordination and results.


CARE will review the letters of interest and invite selected organizations to complete a comprehensive assessment, at the same time reviewing with CARE our own capacities and suitability, as a collaborative partner. The assessment will focus on organizational capacity, program and finance management systems, including, but not limited to human resource management, internal controls, documentation, banking and cash management, personnel and payroll, procurement, asset management, grants management, knowledge of donor rules and regulations, past performance and audit, transparency, innovative approach to program design and implementation


Interested applicants are invited to send their questions by email at by December 29, 2016, 17:00. A consolidated Frequently Asked Questions list will be posted including all the received questions and answers by January 3, 2017.

Each organization can submit only one LOI. Interested organizations are invited to submit their applications in electronic version only, via email at


Deadline for submissions is Friday January 13, 2017, 16:00


Note: Late submissions and applications that do not respect the page limitation (2 pages) and submission format will not be reviewed

Letter of Interest

Name of the organization



Sectors of expertize (select all applicable areas, where your organization has expertise and experience)

□  Food security and livelihoods

□  Shelter

□  Protection

□  Reproductive health

□  Gender Equality & Women’s Empowerment

□  Youth Participation

□  Other (specify)______________________

When was the organization established?

What is the organization’s registered status? (attach registration)


Address (legal and physical (if different))



Representative: Name, Title, E-mail, Phone



Which geographical areas in Lebanon does your organization currently work in? (governorate, city, district)


Number and locations of offices in Lebanon



Total number of organization staff in country



Who (title) in the organization is responsible for program design and proposal development?


What is the mission of your organization?



Who are your main beneficiaries?



Is the organization currently a member of any networks? If yes, name few.


How much is the organization’s total annual funding in USD?


What are the main sources of funding?  


Is the organization currently implementing projects from international donors? Please list project, dates, donor and total budget.





Why is your organization interested in partnership with CARE?


What added value would your organization bring to this partnership?


Briefly present proposed activities within the sector(s) of your expertize if CARE partnered with your organization to implement small, medium and large scale projects for periods of 8 months to 5 years 

Proposed activities

(use bullet points to briefly describe)

Estimated total budget in USD (including support and program costs)

  1. Small scale projects (up to 9 months)


  1. Medium scale projects (10 months to 3 years)


  1. Large scale projects (3 to 5 years)



 Please refer to the atatched word document to complete the file.