Salam LADC

Salam LADC
Founding Year: 2006
Registration Number: 403 20009
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Salam LADC is a non-profit, apolitical and non-religious Lebanese organization. Founded in response to the July 2006 war, it first focused its actions on strengthening the capacities of the local communities and the municipalities in Southern Lebanon villages for emergency preparedness and management.

Since its registration by the Lebanese ministry of interior in March 2009, it has conducted many projects with the support of several international donors.

Salam’s main objectives are:
*Promoting dialogue between Lebanese communities in the border villages, and since the beginning of the war in Syria, between Syrian refugees and host communities;
*Strengthening the capacities of local authorities and communities (through meetings, trainings and micro-projects) to cope with crisis situations as well as to contribute to the local development of their villages;
*Support the most vulnerable populations in Lebanon through providing direct aid and facilitating the efforts and initiatives of independent volunteers and organizations from all around the world.

Office location: Star Sweet Bldg, N/A
Area: Sin El Fil
City: Beirut
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Contact information
Tel: +961-03-584-676
Contact person
Laran Matta
Medical Coordinator and Co-Chair of the Executive Comittee