MIDAL Organization

MIDAL Organization
Founding Year: 2005
Registration Number: 273/A.D
Country of origin:
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Established in 2004, by a team  of  activists, professors, social workers, and volunteers.
MIDAL Association is a Lebanese non-profit organization, based in the south Lebanon and officially registered at the Minister of Interior in 2005, under the number 273.A/D which promotes sustainable development for people.
Our Goals:

•       MIDAL works to build a community capable of assuming the responsibility, partnership and build the capacity of each participant to activate their role to influence social awareness and places of decision-making through programs aimed at promoting a culture of human rights and gender.
•       To activate women’s participation in the economic social and political fields.
•       To deliver a range of projects to promote leadership development, positive participation and positive change in the local and national policies.
•       To spread culture of peace and dialogue.

Office location: Second Floor Khamis building, Main street
Area: Deir al Zahrani
City: Nabatieh
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Contact information
Tel: 00961.71.828268
Fax: 00961.7.532003
Contact person
Iman Traboulsie - Marwa Issa