Autism Awareness Association - جمعية الأهل لدعم التوحّد

Autism Awareness Association - جمعية الأهل لدعم التوحّد
Acronym: AAA
Founding Year: 2015
Registration Number: 1946
Country of origin:
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AAA is a Non-Governmental, Non-Political & Non-profit Organization, founded in Lebanon by Parents of children with Autism and registered in 2015 under official decree No: 1946.

Our mission is to support the families of children who struggle with Autism in Lebanon.
Our goals are to Raise Awareness in the media, in schools and universities,
To Build a Network of Resources between the parents and the therapists in Lebanon
To Plan to have a specialized centre for Autism in Lebanon. 

Office location: 51 n/a, St Rock Street
Area: Hazmieh
City: Beirut
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Contact information
Tel: 961-70-125407
Fax: 961-1-425817
Contact person
Ghada Makhoul