Zakira - The Image Festival Association

Zakira - The Image Festival Association
Founding Year: 2007
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Zakira - “memory” in Arabic – is an all-volunteer organization devoted to the promotion of photography in Lebanon as an art form, a means of honest reporting and a professional skill.
Zakira was born out of its first project "Lahza" with the mission to bring arts and culture to the children of the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon. Since then, a book of the students’ photographs has been published, and the best have been displayed in exhibitions in Beirut and Paris.

Zakira has since developed into an NGO registered with the Lebanese government.
Whilst continuously developing new projects, its main activities are to organize photography workshops, as well as exhibitions for professionals and amateurs.

Office location: NA, Wardeyyeh/Rome Street
Area: Hamra
City: Beirut
Additional directions: P.O. Box: 113/5391
Contact information
Tel: +961 1 373347; +961 71236627
Contact person
Ramzi Haidar