Vision Care Association

Vision Care Association
Acronym: VCA
Founding Year: 2017
Registration Number: 422/2017
Country of origin:
Organization type:
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We are an eager team of motivated Lebanese Optometrists and Volunteers who commenced Vision Care Association (VCA) as a non-profit organization that provides free eye-care assessments along with other medical, educational, and social services for all individuals across Lebanon and the Middle East, regardless their divergent backgrounds.
As VCA, we are helping to transform lives through the gift of vision for sight is the most treasured of our senses. It can make a distinction between a life of poverty and opportunity. Thus, serving as a catalyst to making an outstanding difference in advanced eye care profession.

•       We believe a human should never be limited by poor vision.

•       Organize free eye examination
•       Arrange donation campaigns (Spectacles/Contact Lenses/etc.)
•       Organize awareness campaigns
•       Plan seminars & conferences
•       Process statistical & scientific research
•       Cooperate & establish common activities with other medical, social, cultural, or health  related associations


1-   Mobile Clinic

At VCA, we provide regular preventative eye tests associated with several eye care services to help you.

Tests Include: Visual Acuity, Contrast Sensitivity, Color Vision, Stereopsis, Binocular Vision, Anterior & Posterior Eye Examinations, Contact Lens Fitting, etc.

Furthermore, we afford and offer our patients with the suitable spectacles or needed contact lenses according to their finalized prescription. Also, reminders of follow-up exams are offered by our professional optometrists and administrative team to preserve the health and clarity of your vision.

2-   Seminars and Conferences

Seminars and conferences are conducted to keep optometrists, opticians, and eye-care professionals updated with the latest technologies, thereby refreshing and enhancing their theoretical information. Besides, we organize workshops and practices to improve their technical and practical experience.

3-   Awareness Campaigns

Awareness campaigns are conducted to educate a high percentage of people unaware of having refractive errors about the importance of routine eye examinations.

Awareness campaigns are performed in collaborations with other medical associations to shed the light on ophthalmic and other systemic diseases.

4-   Statistics and Research

VCA is involved in processing and publishing statistics and scientific research related to the optometric field and eye care profession. In addition, we assist master students to fulfill their requirements for their thesis projects.

Office location: Ground Floor n/a, ULF University
Area: Chtaura
City: Zahleh
Additional directions: Facing Hannouch Restaurant
Contact information
Tel: (+961) 8544603/4/5 -- EXT:121
Fax: 111
Contact person
Ameer Abou Adela
+961 70446548