Founding Year: 1976
Registration Number: 371/89
Country of origin:
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A Social Service for the Welfare of Lebanese Children. A non-governmental organization founded in 1976 by Yvonne Chami. Registered at the Ministry of the Interior under No. 42S.I. State-approved under decree No. 371/89. Recipient of the Medical Support Prize, created by “Le Gala de la Médecine” and the French association, “Droits de l’Homme et Solidarité” in 1988. Accredited by UNICEF. Managed by a board of directors elected by a general assembly.
SESOBEL has taken all possible steps to implement a coherent and monitored service of assisting disabled children and to accompany their families as partners in facing life’s challenges. SESOBEL has worked equally hard with all elements of society for them to recognize the value, dignity, and respect for children with disabilities.

Office location: SESOBEL, Rue 11
Area: Ain El-rihani
City: Kesrouan
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Contact information
Tel: +961 9 233940/2
Fax: +961 9 233943
Contact person
Maria Bou Saada
Project Manager