May Chidiac Foundation - Media Institute

May Chidiac Foundation - Media Institute
Acronym: MCF-MI
Founding Year: 2009
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The May Chidiac Foundation  Media Institute (MCF MI) is a nonpartisan, not-for-profit organization mainly dedicated to research and education on issues of Media, Press, Democracy, and Social Welfare. We at the MCF believe that by supporting the development of knowledge production industries we can greatly contribute to make Lebanon a pro-active player in the global economy thus providing our country with the needed immunity to face wild globalization, in addition to enhancing freedom of speech and democracy. Our Foundation’s contribution is articulated around 4 major actions:
1- Establishing the MCF Media Institute
2- Establishing the MCF Media Awards
3- Organizing workshops, seminars, and conferences related to best practices and freedom of the press
4- Conducting surveys and market studies related to Media

Office location: Fifth Floor Sebaco Center, Bloc A, Dora Highway
Area: Maten
City: Greater Beirut
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Tel: +961 3 103043 | +961 1 256220
Fax: +961 1 256221
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Marianne Ibrahim
Training Coordinator & Administrative Assistant