Lebanon Water Festival

Lebanon Water Festival
Founding Year: 2012
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Our endeavours focus on creating awareness with key stakeholders and municipalities in order to fight sea solution and bring them to work on establishing laws that will protect the sea in terms of waste thrown to he sea and fishing with dynamite. we use sport and leisure to achieve these objectives by teaching and developing various water sports alongtheu coastal line in order to involve municipalities in better understanding the economic potential for their areas if they secure these laws and helping youth or others to build structures along he coastal line form north to South in order to develop leisure sport while respecting the environment and providing access to the public.

Office location: Ground Floor Vanda Hotel, Al Numaan Street
Area: Sahel Alma
City: Jounieh
Additional directions: Facing Zad El Kheir Restaurant
Contact information
Tel: (+961) 9 636 114 - (+961) 3 907 970
Contact person
Annette Khoury
CO Founder and Vice President