Global Food Bank Group

Global Food Bank Group
Acronym: GFBG
Founding Year: 2009
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Global Food Bank Group is a nonprofit organization based in Lebanon, Beirut.
GFBG was founded by a group of professionals from several fields, sharing a similar vision. They are currently acting as the board of directions; Mr. Nasser Beydoun serves as the organization PRESIDENT.

The decision to form GFBG was based on the sever increases in those who have fallen below the poverty line as an economic study done by United Nations Development Program (UNDP), showed that 30% of the people are living below poverty guide line, many of them never though they would be in need of receiving such assistance.

GFBG'S mission is "To enhance the quality of individuals' and families' life by providing food services, and support at different level for community survival and dignity".    

Office location: Arab Vocational Institute Building, Hemade Street
Area: Salim Slam
City: Beirut
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Contact information
Tel: 70/712 900, 71/107 020, 76/820 720
Contact person
Mr. Nasser Beydoun