Drosos Foundation

Drosos Foundation
Founding Year: 2003
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Drosos Foundation is a charitable, non-profit organisation. It is politically, religiously and ideologically independent. It is committed to enabling people in difficult situations to live a life of dignity. Every individual bears the responsibility for himself, for others, for the environment. The Foundation creates aptitudes and promotes skills which enable people to fulfil these responsibilities.

Areas of work
Drosos Foundation is active in the following areas:

•Fighting poverty and its consequences
•Promoting health and supporting ill and suffering people
•Facilitating the access to education and knowledge
•Stimulating creative activities of young people
•Protecting the environment

Working both in Switzerland and abroad, the Foundation places a clear emphasis on international engagement.The Foundation focuses on Middle Income Countries where there are still dire social conditions. The first geographical priority in terms of the Foundation’s international commitment is the Middle East and North Africa.

Office location: NA, NA
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Additional directions: No current office in Lebanon
Contact information
Tel: +41 43 300 54 00
Contact person
Shazia Islamshah
Programme Manager Lebanon